Custom Header for Pool

Users of the Pool theme can now use custom headers. That is all.

(It also has widgets, and bigger avatars.)

If you do something fun with a custom header on Pool feel free to leave a link in the comments.

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  1. Michael

    What about the default theme? Come on now it’s time for the default to get custom header option.


  2. Stephen

    The theme looks great. Looks like you added widgets to it too.


  3. Shotgun

    Looks fine now.


  4. Matt

    I don’t know when we’ll do the default theme, it’s hard because of the curved corners.


  5. avuee

    There’s another theme available?


  6. avuee

    Oh wait, nevermind. *blonde moment*


  7. worddrow

    I’d like a custom header for the Default Theme.. 😦


  8. worddrow

    Sorry for the double posting.. I just saw Matt’s answer.
    Well you can make a default theme with normal header…


  9. Justin

    I used to really like this theme, used it for a bit. Now has custom headers, awesome for ppl using that theme. Great job.


  10. beckisbeck

    I like the default theme,too. Hope one day it’s free to get custom header option for default theme. You guys are wonderful, I think it could get it done soon! 🙂


  11. shashi

    Hey Matt!!
    Thanks for adding header for Pool …Its wonderful theme (clean mainly)


  12. Tanasije Gjorgoski

    How about custom header for Andreas09? 🙂


  13. Tanasije Gjorgoski

    Oh, and another idea… Maybe adding little links for each theme at presentation page, something like “Random blog that uses this theme”, so we can get ideas what people have done with specific theme? Or… “top 20 blogs that use this theme”?


  14. rdgujarati

    when you will add CUSTOM HEADER facility to SIMPA theme ? just a request. if possible. please.


  15. Thomas

    I would like to see for _every_ theme a custom header option 😉 *hands up*


  16. ampin

    hands up here hehe


  17. rici

    Hi Matt, how about Andreas themes .. is it possible to set the header bar to custom too ? 🙂 since this themes is my fav so far

    or maybe like Thomas said above, every theme maybe has custom header option 😀



  18. K'vitsh

    How about making Kubrick have a changeable header?

    Pretty please?


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