New Theme: Pressrow

Thanks for all the great suggestions on the theme request post.

I’ve started to look through them and pick out some of the best ones, the first to go up is Pressrow, which you should now see on your “Presentation” page.

Pressrow is a clean white theme with a really striking photo area on top. I’ve made it so the photo can be replaced with a custom header and of course the sidebar supports widgets.

Sorry we can’t add themes as fast as you guys would like, it takes a fair amount of work to get a theme

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  1. green

    Thank you a whole lot 😀 Love this new template! I’m already using it.


  2. Stephen

    With the exception of the huge a:link / a:visited difference, I really like this theme. I suppose one could always change that with the new CSS upgrade, though.

    Hopin’ for more stuff like this. Keep up the good work, guys.


  3. K

    Pressrow is a clean white theme with a really striking photo area on top.

    The header image is really striking and could you at least put the zero border on image link?

    Unfortunately, not impressive theme.


  4. K

    BTW, Thanks for the effort of adding this new theme and looking forward for few more.


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  6. adam

    chris’ designs are awesome, thanks!

    but i do agree with K,
    a img { border: none; } should be a requirement for all themes along with the security audit.


  7. Moey

    Thanks, let me try it then


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  9. Brent

    Can’t say that I prefer this theme too awfully much. It’s hardly pretty, and I do not care for the fonts. Just my $.02.

    I cannot figure out why you guys won’t allow the default theme to have custom headers. Why is that? I think it is by far the best looking theme, and to allow custom headers, would make it that much better.

    In my humble opinion, Kubrick and K2 are the best wordpress themes ever.


  10. eoinpurcell

    I like it!
    I liked the design when Chris debuted it on his blog and its really cool to be able to use it here!


  11. TheShortFatKid

    Me likey!


  12. timethief

    What is the size of the custom header please? It would make it much easier to browse if I knew this in advance.


  13. girlwonder816

    It’s okay, I understand that it takes time to create new themes. As long as the new ones are coming, I think it’ll be worth the wait! And thanks for releasing the first one so quickly! I like it, but I think the header fonts can afford to be a little smaller.

    Keep up the great work!


  14. Matt

    I fixed the image border bug.


  15. Mark

    That’s okay… take thy time… 😀


  16. sulz

    is the header image meant to be a picture of books? cos in the presentation it shows a picture of people at a stadium or something…


  17. avuee

    Eh, I am using it for the mean time.. but what happened to the avatars?


  18. Robert

    Too bad it doesn’t support localization yet.


  19. Matt

    Avatars are there now.


  20. പെരിങ്ങോടന്‍

    I liked this theme, but Pages do not have comments enabled. In fact, many themes in do not have comment options for Pages.


  21. Justin

    It’s nice, I won’t use it though 😉


  22. Nicole

    I actually really like the new theme! I’ve recently changed themes on both of my sites and I’m using Pressrow at I think I’ll keep it for a while 🙂


  23. nyxia

    The size for the header is pretty much 770x200pixels if anyone wants – already played with it ^_^


  24. unzel

    i’d liked to see a variablable font size, it’s very … big
    and why isn’t the header on top of page?

    except of those two, i love the theme


  25. carol

    Thank you guys.We really appreciate all your hard work.


  26. Carpus

    I LIKE it!


  27. britgirl

    The Pressrow Theme doesn’t allow comments on pages. So,having had several comments on my About page in Regulus – I will be unable to display them if I want to use this theme even though they are checked off as “allow”. Also, there is no editing ability for posts or comments.

    I think is a really nice theme but it’s somewhat lacking in some basic things items which I think should be included.


  28. Carpus

    I really like this theme!

    I have no problem editing posts or comments. Britgirl, you may want to check all your settings again; maybe something happened with the change of themes.

    I would change one thing though; I really wish the column width was not fixed. I like to use the whole page. I don’t supposed there’s a way to do this?


  29. Carpus

    Oh, and the theme will only post dates and times in one fomrat so changing the timestamp is useless.


  30. vjp

    Nice looking them. Think I’ll wait a bit on it if comments are not allowed on pages.


  31. Carpus

    Britgirl, I take it all back. She’s right. The problem is that you can’t edit from the blog pages themselves: there’s no ‘edit’ blink beside the posts to take you into the editor – you can still do it through the ‘manage’ feature on the dashboard of course. I agree that this is a huge inconvenience.

    Oddly enough, I could have sworn this feature was there a few minutes ago, but when I logged off and then back on again, it most certainly wasn’t.


  32. britgirl

    @Carpus – it’s a huge inconvenience for me. If I spot something in a post,(which I often do)or want to make changes it’s great to be able to go straight from the post when I am logged in rather than be forced to go into “manage” every time. Good looks are nice, but not at the expense of convenience.

    To your point about the timestamp – so how can anyone do future publishing? I tried this yesterday and my post didn’t publish (even though it said it was scheduled) – now that you say you can’t edit the time stamp this could be the reason why.
    Another big inconvenience as this means that you can’t future publish.

    Lastly, I take back my complaint about being unable to edit comments – you can. Maybe this is what you saw?

    It is a very nice theme, and I’ll try it for a while, but these basic things will make me reconsider using it so I am hoping they will be fixed.


  33. vuee

    Ditto about the lack of editing each item. I need to correct errors as I spot them.

    Also, the fonts are too large for some items.(and categories don’t show as sub categories) Hard to scan the site. However, I tried it because Regulus uses a grey font which needs more contrast to be easier to read.


  34. Matt

    Hey guys if you look in your admin bar when you’re on a post or page there should be an edit link. Right?


  35. britgirl

    You’re right, there is now an edit post link when I’m on both a post and a page. So I can now edit both from the post. I am assuming this is new for this theme and hasn’t been there all the time? If so, I completely missed it… The only thing I would say is that you have to remember to click on the post title to display the “edit post” link, but it does the job of allowing me to edit from the post/page. Thanks!


  36. timethief

    Thanks for this new theme that I’m using it for my environmental blog. Thanks also for the quick adjustments. I particularly like the size of the fonts used in the main part of the blog. The teeny tiny point 8 and 9 fonts that twenty year olds are comfortable with today, after hours of sitting in front of monitors, will become the very bane of their existence when they reach age 35 and over. However, if you’re still open to changes then I’m also requesting that the size of the title fonts in the sidebar be reduced. The appearance is overwhelming in the case of titles in text widgets which is why I removed the titles from mine. Cheers.


  37. Matt

    timethief, we generally don’t make font changes or anything like that — what one person loves another hates, so we generally just leave what the designer had in mind. If you want to make those kinds of tweaks, the best thing for now is to get CSS editing.

    britgirl, that feature has been there since we made the admin bar, but when we moved some code around a few weeks ago it got “lost” and I just turned it back on. I think a lot of people miss it, so I’m going to do a blog post on it.


  38. vuee

    Now the WP dashboard shows up. It’s still an awkward theme for editing and perusing. I’m trying to collect comments from readers at the site to see what they recommend for suggestions to Regulus.


  39. ViVi

    This theme is by far my favorite!!! Thanks so much for being awesome WP


  40. magitisa

    clean & sharp – nice job!


  41. kanomalta

    I just joined, and I must say WordPress has a pretty bismal theme offering. This is by far my favorite, but there seems to be a bug while using Safari. When I try to customize the header, I don’t get a field for ‘choose file’, only the ‘upload’ button. The ‘choose file’ button itself is visible, but for some reason, the crop tool is already hovering above this button and I cannot access my image files at all. I tried to upload from IE, and I was able to upload successfully, but when I got to the next stage and was asked to crop image, this time I didn’t get a crop tool and ended up with a BLANK black image.

    I can understand that WordPress would be a more PC intensive image, but it always saddens me when I run into problem with certain sites (most of the time Korean sites) and upon contacting them they always give me the singular answer: they don’t support Mac platforms.

    I guess I will run my blog with either a black panel or the given image of books for a while until I gain access to a PC…


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  43. Justin

    Ah i love it when you guys put up new themes, its so great.


  44. gpessia

    very nice! 🙂


  45. nanyaar

    Im on it, love it!!


  46. Areté

    i love it! THANKS! one brief issue that I noticed. When people click on comments to leave a comment, a box pops up that says skip to comments, but when you click it, it doesn’t take you down to the comments. so people still have to scroll to the bottom. can that be corrected? thanks!


  47. Thomas

    Thank you! I am looking forward to seeing more new cool themes!


  48. mralterego

    I liked the new theme alright. I would’ve used it but for one little thing. I like to show excerpts of my posts in the main page. However, not all themes perform that in the same fashion. So far, I’ve found that only the “Blix” theme displays the excerpts properly. Are there plans to upgrade all available themes so that they display excerpts when so required?


  49. vuee

    Neither theme (Regulus or this one) allows images (to attract attention and easy recognition) and text (for those not familiar with the logos) on the sidebar (blogroll) at the same time.

    There still seems to be a tension between those who want themes which are “cool” and those who need themes to function for communication. The perspectives are converging, but not yet insightful.


  50. britgirl

    @Vuee I like the fact that Pressrow is so much easier to read than Regulus, which I loved, but whose font was always an issue for me. I don’t want my readers to have to squint to read my content!
    @vuee – you could try the Connections theme. I was in the process of trying it out when Pressrow launched. It is one of the most popular themes and I liked the way it puts things neatly into the sidebar.. don’t know if it allows what you describe though.


  51. MK

    anyone having issues changing header image?


  52. moraie

    I hate how the pictures interact with text. It needs more of a margin. Any ideas on how I can fix that?


  53. vuee

    Tried Connections (thanks britgirl) but the blockquote is all italicized and on the background color, my eyes crossed.


  54. vuee

    By the way, the header image size for this theme is a different size from that required by others (Connections and Regulus use a shorter image)


  55. ae

    i love this theme.. Thanks!!


  56. ibiog

    I really like this new theme. I’ll probably try it out sometime when I get sick of my current one.


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