Load balancer testing

Barry (our sysadmin) has posted on the load balancer testing we’ve been doing to even out some bumps around here.

This is particularly timely, as Jason over at Joyent/Textdrive is going to be testing some load balancers soon, too.

The next step is to set up Wackamole for better high availability in each of the datacenters, and then hook up our DNS monitoring and updating to Nagios.

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  1. Epsilon

    Cool beans. 😀


  2. Sperestillan

    I didn’t understand a single word of that. lol
    But no matter, you’re the ones who know what your doing so I happily leave it to you.


  3. Linh760Li

    Very good news for wordpress’ users.

    Thanks very much!


  4. Binky

    I don’t understand a single word of that. Is this English 2.0 or something?

    I’m sure you’re doing something useful though, so keep up the good work!


  5. Rui Martins

    Excelent! Lately I had experienced some performance issues, namely when changinf between buttons on the Dashboard and specialy when creating new posts and opening posts in draft…


  6. eteraz


    i have no clue what you just said



  7. Brent

    Barry’s always up to somethin’, huh?



  8. wiiman

    I don’t know what that means persay, but it does sound quite hawt.


  9. Matt

    Whoops! I actually meant to post this to a different blog, my matt.wordpress.com one. Sorry about that.

    Think of it like a little glimpse of the geeks behind the scenes.


  10. timethief

    GAWD!I just love it when you geekspeak. It’s soooo sweet and sexxy. 😉


  11. chacko

    I didn’t understand a word either. But I trust you guys, so when it’s done, just say how much 🙂


  12. livingjourney

    Right…. look forward to whatever it is you are doing… I think?



  13. raincoaster

    Is there a translation feature? Anyone? Bueller…Bueller?


  14. Thomas

    Looks promising!


  15. Curmudgeonly Yours

    Huh? That’s gobbledegook, isn’t it? 🙂


  16. 0nkulis

    testing testing


  17. 0nkulis

    Interesting, but I didnt understand anything


  18. Chittaranjan

    Load balancing, huh? Nice!…me used to do that on TTS engines not-too-long ago 🙂


  19. blayde

    Techie stuff eh? As long as it helps its good


  20. .i dream in red.

    keep up the good work


  21. EclecticGeek

    Gosh and I thought I was a geek. 😉
    Thanks for the look “behind the curtain”.


  22. Tuxic

    That’s great to hear. Anything to keep WordPress performing in top condition and ahead of the pack is fine by me 😀


  23. therealdonquixote


    Wutz load balancing?


  24. treb123

    Just make sure you add plenty of dolby or the mayo vaporater could overheat casuing condensation on the reverso thruster


  25. thebeam

    LOL – Since Matt won’t explain it, maybe I’ll give it a try. Imagine you are in line at the supermarket, 3 lines are open. One is a “Quick Check” and the other two are regular lines.

    Depending on the whims of the shoppers, it might be that the next 8 customers all have 10 items or less, and they’ll all want to go stand in the “Quick Check” line, figuring they’ll get out of there faster, even though one of the regular lines is empty, and the other line has only one patron.

    The “Load Balancer” is the manager of the market, who if he is watching his lines, will go up to some of the customers and walk them over to one or the other of the two regular lines, cutting down the time everyone stands in line.

    It can get more complicated, one of the two regular lines can have an experienced checker, the other line has someone there on their first day. The experienced checker will be able to do the same basket in 2 minutes, while the new checker will take 5 minutes. Again, the manager will steer customers to one line or another, keeping in mind that the customer really doesn’t want to stand in line.

    It can get pretty complicated, but that pretty well sums up the intent.


  26. Matt

    Nice analogy.


  27. informatiesec

    [dutch translation, babelfish]
    Onze compensator van gjse zy’ van Barry (sysadmin) ispytyvayushch van de last, i’ maste die zij ervoor hebben gezorgd dat zelfs van bepaald ik van wil alles in in cirkel hier tegenhoud. Dit zekere svoyevremeno, aan Jason joyent erover/$l*Textdrive gaat verhoudingsgewijs snel hij compenserend van trys gedeeltelijk laadt, zelfs. Het volgende punt zou Wackamole ascendant voor de hoge betere aanwezigheid in elk van datacenters moeten opstellen en na quo’ wordt hij met bovengenoemde dns verbonden dat ze ons dit hij controleert en dat met Nagios schoonmaakt.

    [english re-translation]
    Our compensator of gjse zy ‘ of Barry (sysadmin) ispytyvayushch of the charge, i ‘ stop maste which they have looked that even of certain I of wants everything in in circle here. This certain svoyevremeno, to Jason joyent erover/$l*Textdrive go proportionally fast he compensating of trys charge partially, even. The next point Wackamole ascendant for the high better presence in each of that-ace-delicate must establish and after quo he is linked with aforesaid dns that them us this he checks and that cleans with Nagios.

    And some translationswitching with other european languages 😉


  28. meknesexpress



  29. Moey

    I had some performance issues, so it’s going better now i guess..


  30. raincoaster

    I found a translator too!

    LOL – Seence-a Mett vun’t ixpleeen it, meybe-a I’ll geefe-a it a try. Imegeene-a yuoo ere-a in leene-a et zee soopermerket, 3 leenes ere-a oopee. Oone-a is a “Qooeeck Check” und zee oozeer tvu ere-a regooler leenes. Dependeeng oon zee vheems ooff zee shuppers, it meeght be-a thet zee next 8 coostumers ell hefe-a 10 items oor less, und zeey’ll ell vunt tu gu stund in zee “Qooeeck Check” leene-a, feegooring zeey’ll get oooot ooff zeere-a fester, ifee thuoogh oone-a ooff zee regooler leenes is impty, und zee oozeer leene-a hes oonly oone-a petrun. Zee “Lued Beluncer” is zee muneger ooff zee merket, vhu iff he-a is vetcheeng hees leenes, veell gu up tu sume-a ooff zee coostumers und velk zeem oofer tu oone-a oor zee oozeer ooff zee tvu regooler leenes, cootteeng doon zee teeme-a iferyune-a stunds in leene-a. It cun get mure-a cumpleeceted, oone-a ooff zee tvu regooler leenes cun hefe-a un ixpereeenced checker, zee oozeer leene-a hes sumeune-a zeere-a oon zeeur furst dey. Zee ixpereeenced checker veell be-a eble-a tu du zee seme-a besket in 2 meenootes, vheele-a zee noo checker veell teke-a 5 meenootes. Egeeen, zee muneger veell steer coostumers tu oone-a leene-a oor unuzeer, keepeeng in meend thet zee coostumer reelly duesn’t vunt tu stund in leene-a. It cun get pretty cumpleeceted, boot thet pretty vell sooms up zee intent. Bork Bork Bork!


  31. சத்தியா

    good good!!!


  32. Brian Alexander

    that is great news.


  33. trucex

    Just the mention of Textdrive makes me smile. They really deserve more than a pat on the back for what they’re doing for the hosting industry…someone has to turn it into cheap hosting with no support and no concern for users into something more respectable and they’re doing a great job of it. 🙂


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