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We released Custom CSS a couple of weeks ago and the uptake has been exciting to watch. The early adopters have come up with some excellent designs! Here’s a small sample:

Also surfacing around is information about CSS and the Sandbox theme. Lorelle provides a comprehensive starter stylesheet for Sandbox. Sunburntkamel tells us how to set up a clickable custom header image. I started a forum thread on CSS Asides for Sandbox. Keep your eye on the CSS Customization Forum for more tips and snippets.

Okay, I’ve done enough yammering for one post. There’s a present for you in the Presentation panel. Administrators can try out Custom CSS on their blogs without buying the upgrade. You’ll be able to preview every part of your blog with your own CSS but your visitors won’t see the changes until you upgrade your blog.

Have some fun with CSS, get the upgrade and then strut your stuff with a link in the comments!

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  1. Livia

    Well, what can I say? They are beautiful!

    Good job guys!

    But I would still be happy to be able to custom ONLY the header of the default theme. 🙂


  2. rdgujarati

    very good. thanks


  3. webby

    these are for standalone hosting right ? does it work for ? also wanted to ask is it difficult to host on my webspace. bit scary to try it… i will be using my space in that case right …


  4. Andy

    webby: These designs are all hosted here on


  5. gaminghobo

    Heh, cheers the for linkage. 🙂 It’s worth noting that most of the credit for my blog must go to Sunburntkamel for converting the ‘Unsleepable’ theme for Sandbox. I know sod all about CSS which only goes to prove you don’t need to know it to make good use of it. It would be good if you guys had some kind of page for themes that have been converted to Sandbox.


  6. kofilahmed

    Best Wishes 🙂


  7. that girl again

    Preview will be fantastic for testing stuff — thanks!


  8. p|nK^bEe

    Wow! They’re wonderfully done! Thumbs up on the designs!


  9. adam

    test-driving is a brilliant idea.
    that’s something that’s been scaring people off in the forums. (not being sure what they’ll be able to accomplish)


  10. Kobus Ehlers

    You are really making your product great! Now if only you can get around the JavaScript restrictions by making a “safe” GoogleAnalytics plugin (as you made for YouTube). Then this service will be perfect!


  11. uptownflavor

    Thank you 🙂


  12. .i dream in red.

    pretty cool designs.


  13. צפריר

    When I hit preview an empty page comes up (both firefox and IE). What am I doing wrong?


  14. Moey

    im waiting my visa to get back to work


  15. myepinoy

    You really have great and creative minds, technically and marketing-wise.

    “Create the need and feed them”…. lol

    Good one.


  16. drhaisook

    Nice feature actually. I was reluctant as to upgrade or not being not very skillful at CSS, but now I have the opportunity to see what I can do with it before I buy. Great.


  17. dorknation

    wow, I’m on it when I get a chance . . . is this a limited time deal?


  18. BBB

    Livia – what about the contempt theme? I thiunk that is the one the same as the default but with a custom header option? I maybe wrong.


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  20. Josh

    Thanks for the linkage. 🙂


  21. Keith Olbermann Is Evil

    Geez Louise, guys. Every time I log on there’s a new feature.

    Way cool.



  22. Thomas

    Good idea.


  23. Kristin

    Thank you for adding my blog in and calling it an excellent design 😉 The blog really got hit today..

    Anyway, it’s great you’ve added in a testrun as well, as people like to see what they’re missing and figure out if this is an upgrade they feel they need.


  24. Hakim Bennis

    Thanks so much for the test drive !!

    Aside from that, there is a really nice tool for live CSS and markup rendering inside the broswer.

    rendr –


  25. Author

    I’m very happy with WP blog! But I want to know, How can I use my CSS files in my theme? Can I do that? Show me please if you can. Thanks.


  26. demigod

    Thank you for listing my blog as well. Really got a huge hits yesterday all the way from here. Thanks again.


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  29. Jacob

    We just implemented our custom CSS, it would be great to get some feedback 🙂
    Drop us a visit, ‘The Great Indian Mutiny’ -> and let us know.


  30. searchengines

    Very nice and varied group 🙂


  31. designbeauty

    Oh, it’s so cool!
    We can change css? This brings to us more enjoying wordpress.


  32. brianfox

    ummm… me like it


  33. fiandigital

    how to update css or theme, help plz…


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