Forgotten Birthday

Somehow in the rush of all the development that’s been going on lately we forgot the birthday of our favorite baby,

However Lorelle remembered and wrote a great post. It seems fitting that our birthday post should come from one of our bloggers!

I don’t think I can add a whole lot on top of her post, so here’s some Automattic and trivia:

  • Donncha was the first employee
  • I had never met him when I hired him
  • The main blog has a registration date of 2006-07-20, about a month after Donncha started
  • Some early testing of MU was done at
  • Andy was the second employee, starting August 28th (ish)
  • The first server that ran cost $82 a month
  • We still have that server around, it hosts and
  • When we launched it was invite-only, we got a few thousand people through that system
  • The early days were rough, some pretty major bugs and downtime
  • opened to the public in December 2005
  • But we got virtually no signups until January, I don’t remember why

Now for some stats! Don’t forget to compare these numbers from those about 3 months ago.

In the last 10 days, users have…

  • Created 18,329 blogs
  • Added 63,198 static pages
  • Tagged 231,267 tags on posts
  • Gotten 501,111 comments
  • Written 416,602 posts
  • Had 16,621,767 pageviews!

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  1. gapp

    Celebrating the b’day of the best blogging platform 🙂 – Thanx Matt


  2. Andy

    A spank for good luck!


  3. Babbler

    That’s great news, Matt. You certainly developed a great blogging service; I have yet a major bugs here.


  4. charliebrown8989

    All The Best Things…..


  5. dresramblings

    Happy Birthday! Though it always seems that the gift is given to us 🙂


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  7. thehype

    Happy bday! AND THANK YOU THANK YOU for the great service and continue to bless us bloggers with great supports and updates! Making everything easier sounds easy, but you guys made it happen!! Keep up the great job and here’s to many many more birthdays to come!


  8. rdgujarati

    Wish you Happy birthday.


  9. Eshwar S

    great job Matt. keep it going 🙂


  10. pk

    I’ve just Joined the WordPress family, but seriously, I’m already a fan. As we say in Argentina and América latina: Feliz Cumple!!! (Happy Birthday)


  11. The Eternal Wanderer

    Woo-hoo! Am glad to be a part of 18,329 strong community of WordPress blogs! Everyone is doing a great job behind the scenes! Keep it up!


  12. sulz

    bon anniversaire wordpress! je t’adore!


  13. therealdonquixote

    Happy Birfdee!!!

    I’m sure you guys will keep werdprezz from drinking too much 😉


  14. Spyder

    Happy Birthday! Shouldn’t that main registration date be in 2005? 😉


  15. Kristine

    What a community! Wow! Happy birthday…belated.


  16. dorknation

    omedettou tanjyobi


  17. Jalal Rohani

    تولد تولد تولدتتتت مبارک !!!


  18. Zeezat

    It was very happy share the joy on our powerful wordpress’ birthday! Many Many happy returns of the day! May I wish to grow more and more each day to empower the wordpress community with new ideas. Keep going!!
    Again, Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday dear WORDPRESS Happy Bithday to you… 🙂



  19. .i dream in red.

    happy birthday!


  20. Naoko Kensaku


    Been here for quite some time and never looked back. TQ!!


  21. generally

    That sounds like a rags to riches story. Well done!


  22. Amit

    Happy B’day!!! 🙂 So where’s the cake & goodies Matt?? 😉


  23. Brent

    It’s been a year already? Time flies by when you’re having fun!

    Happy Birthday!



  24. livingjourney

    Wow you’re a big one year old!

    Look how you have grown… you have had teething problems and maybe a few sleepless nights of worry, but with all that you do, it has been worth it. I wonder what the next year will hold for you!

    Best Wishes and may all your hopes and dreams come true in blogosphere!



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  26. valker

    С Днём рождения, славный WordPress.Com.
    Спасибо тебе за то что ты есть!


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  28. marcomkc

    Good day to open!
    (Io amo means I love in Italian)
    I am really a fan of wordpress in general and in particular.
    Google is making great things with (in the beta version) but I think that wordpress remain the leading platform for every serious blogger.
    I totally approve the Kiss Principle philosophy that leads every evolution.
    Thanks guys
    ] marcomkc [


  29. Shailesh S. Khandekar

    वर्डप्रेसच्या वाढदिवसाच्या शुभेच्छा ! (Marathi langauge – “Happy birthday WordPress!”)


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  31. Nobodyknows

    Happy Birthday!


  32. Neha

    Hey ..! I m singing here song for WordPress Can u hear..

    Happy Birthday To U !!(2)
    Happy Birthday To U..

    Thanks Matt


  33. Bryan

    Here’s to another year! Happy birthday!


  34. noshowerfamily

    Happy Birthday! 生日快樂!


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  36. parafonos

    Happy birthday!!!!!
    I wish you the best…


  37. PostBubble

    Postbubble Podcast Episode 19 – Thursday, August 17th, 2006

    Here is our podcast for Thursday, August 17th, 2006. Today we cover YouTube’s brief unplanned outage,’s 1st birthday, A Delicious redesign, and IAC’s latest purchase.
    For those of you that want a separate feed for our p…


  38. nikoxy

    Ευχαριστώ=Thank you
    – for the typo-wise, narration-wise, intelligent WP platform and the


  39. James

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the combined forces of Flock and Slashdot/Digg had quite a bit to do with the mass January signups.

    Flock had a lot of integration with, and for a while you got a free key into the beta if you simply accessed the site using it. That’s how I got here, anyway. After reading the Slashdot article about it, of course. 😉

    And lo, I compared it to Blogger and found template customization was lacking. But I started using it anyway because Blogger didn’t support trackbacks…


  40. Livia

    buon compleanno wordpress!


  41. Lee Kelleher

    Happy Birthday!


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  43. Just Mohit

    Happy Birthday…and may i add good show dudes!
    Looking forward to more features, e.g. more photo-hosting! This is one area where Blogger beats you hands down.
    It should be possible to have graded wordpress accounts, i.e. a free version on lines of the current one, and a bells-and-whistles paid upgrade.


  44. fjs6

    Feliz Cumpleaños!


  45. Linds

    I’ve been here for three days and I’m already regretting the decision to not switch from Blogspot much earlier than I did. Happy Birthday!


  46. trancefixed

    Happy Birthday WordPress 😀

    Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of blogging.

    Congratulations all round


  47. metteurth

    Wow. I thought you guys were much older. I meen in terms of the WordPress. It has so much power and is the best blogging service I could think of. Thanks for keep on developing and adjusting for us. It’s just great.


  48. lenina

    herzlichen glueckwunsch auch von deutscher seite. i live in the UK but really appreciate WordPress’ neatness and structure. i love the fact that it produces an active user.


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  50. smallpanda

    WordPress (the baby & the proud parents) 🙂 many many happy returns of the day.
    On your Birth day, I started this blog …which is to take a tour to all the wordpress blogs as I can and say them hi and introduce them to the community.
    In a year you have grown to 308,000 and by the time I complete few hundred blog visit, you would have grown to 1000,000 🙂 You prosper, we are happy.


  51. Ranjhith – All my words gets pressed here!

    Hppy BDay Buddy! Thanks so much for the wonderful service.


  52. The Bugged Debugger

    Happy Birthday WordPress!!! Congratulations and thanks for a great blogging platform!


  53. grhomeboy

    WP proudly says “Code Is Poetry”, so does Poetry proudly says “Code Is WP”.

    The WP Team is dedicated and loyal to their subscribers, free or paid. Subscribers are loyal and dedicated to WP. Need more to say?

    Happy Birthday for this annivercary and Many Happy Returns for the Future!
    And in Greek “Chronia Polla, Na ta ekatostiseis!”


  54. talknerd

    Happy Birthday WordPress.

    I’ve tried just about every blogging platform and wordpress is the best by far.


  55. p|nK^bEe

    Woohoo! I love WordPress! Happy Birthday! =D


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  58. Moey

    wow, amazingly impressive


  59. CAPitalZ

    பிறந்தநாள் நல் வாழ்த்துக்கள்
    [in Tamil “Happy birthday”]


  60. drhaisook

    Happy Bday WP!
    ..and as they say here in Egypt “Shall you be 100 years old!”… 🙂


  61. brianfox

    belated happy birthday to wordpress. WP makes blogging fun and how it should be.


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  63. blayde

    Happy Bday wordpress. My first and only blog site. Open a can of whoop a** on blogger for me.


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  65. Shirley

    Hey, everybody, Happy Birthday. I think I joined WordPress on February 14th, 2006…had no idea I was becoming part of a newly founded entity. Love it here. Love WordPress, all its services and the many friends I have made here.


    Shirley Buxton


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  67. BBB

    For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow…..

    Congrats on a top effort.


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  69. Pradeep

    Many thanks for WordPress…and many many more happy returns…


  70. Thomas

    Happy Birthday WordPress!


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  74. Capri


    I thought it was a little bit older than just a year. I’ve been here for six months. If I was still at Blogger, I don’t think I would still have my blog. That’s how horrible it was there. Save me a piece of that cake!


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  76. justarticles

    Happy birthday – 18,329 new blogs in ten days – That’s awesome.

    Many thanks for all the hard work


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  79. spark

    happy birthday, folks. my favourite platform. great work always 🙂


  80. dljournal

    Happy Birthday!!!!


  81. myepinoy

    Happy Birthday WordPress.

    Remember the song “Just the way you are.” by Billy Joel. This is for you:
    “Don’t go changing, to try and please me, You never let me down before,…
    Don’t go trying, some new fashion,Don’t change the colour of your hair,
    You always have my, unspoken passion,Although I might not seem to care.”

    I will change it a bit this way:

    Go on changing, to try and please me, You never let me down before,….
    Go on trying, some new fashion, Go change the colour of your hair,
    You always have my, unspoken passion, Although I might not seem to care.”

    That is it.

    ” Go on changing and try to please me, you will never let me down


  82. parearau

    Happy Birthday WordPress! Overall fantastic! May you have many many happy ones to come!


  83. method AVANTGARDE

    Happy birthday to wordpress!


  84. بهمن

    تولدت مبارک


  85. ncus

    Happy B DAY yaaay!!! i heart 🙂


  86. acoralsea

    Happy Bday and thanks to the WP guys who made this blogging platform possible! I moved from others to here and convinced my company to use it as well, both the individual and MU versions. You rock!


  87. capski

    I love it here – thanks for the awesome platform. Happy birthday and many happy returns!


  88. lifeizlikethat

    Happy b’day guys i am thankful that wordpress is here coz blogspot sucked


  89. thegrrl

    Wow thats so great Happy Birthday I wish I would of found this back when it first opened.


  90. tlinu

    It is Great to know how WordPress Press toward the Goal. Cheers


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  92. Scott

    I only moved here from another, crapper, blogging service (Blogger) a few weeks ago but I love it, so happy (belated) birthday to you 🙂


  93. Ruff

    The Ruffman says happy bday as well.

    Mine is tommorow.


  94. lilmisstypo

    Yeah Happy Bday little bloggy ….. this is great …. things have come along way for you …. COnga Rats ….. and heres to many more years


  95. neath

    Word Press is The Best!!!

    Keep up the good work!




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  97. mateenation



  98. arunchullikkal

    Nice to celebrate


  99. bridgettob

    thats so cool- i just need to finish mine now…


  100. vientos

    WordPress is the best… 😉


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