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Got a ton of good feedback from the related posts test, and thanks to that I’d like to introduce the Tag Surfer. Basically this takes the functionality of the related posts page, but gives you infinitely more control over what types of content you’re getting. The feature has also been renamed to “Tag Surfer” to give you a better idea of what’s going on.

Related posts would look at the tags you use and then grab posts based on that. Depending on your tag usage, it was either great or awful. If you tend to use tags like “music” or “life” that are very high volume and not too specific, your page was probably constantly scrolling with new, semi-random content.

The first thing you’ll notice about this new iteration of the related posts / tag surfer is that there is a list of your subscribed tags in the left-hand column. This is auto-populated from you tags the first time you view the page, but after that you have complete control. You can add tags that you’re interested in, or click the “X” next to any tag to remove it from your tag subscriptions.

Next the posts area on the right has a few minor improvements. The typography has been improved to make it a bit easier to read, and under the tags the ones that match your subscriptions are in bold, so you can easily see why a post is included on the related posts page. Finally if you happen to come across any spam or questionable content, there is a handy link to report it by each post.

Now when you see something you’re not at all interested in, you can see which tag brought it in and prune that tag from your subscriptions in the left-hand column. We also fixed a ton of reported bugs, but if you find any more simply use the feedback form at the top of your dashboard.

You can find the Tag Surfer under your Dashboard.

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  1. Anne

    Actually it would also be really nice to have a search option on the tag surfer page.

    Eg: I type “scrambled egg” in the search window, and then only posts about scrambles eggs and nothing else comes up


  2. lethargy

    I like the idea. Hey! Come on and visit me!

    – Jake Drew


  3. fifthdecade

    I’m not really sure I understand what you are on about? How do I create a tag? What does it do? Will creating one mean I have to do something? (These are rhetorical questions). I’m in my fifth decade, and folks like me are too young not to be interested in the technology, but are too old to instantly understand it. If I were younger I would understand not just the term itself, but also the terms used to describe or explain it. If I were older, I wouldn’t care a fig about my lack of understanding, but I do, so please let me in on the secret – in language a forty something can understand. It’s not our fault we don’t get some stuff on the internet, we’re just the generation that invented it. We might have built the roads, but we sure don’t understand the cars. Someone – please teach me to drive!


  4. Darmok

    Fifthdecade, I don’t understand why you state your questions are rhetorical but act as if you would like answers, but here goes: Tags and categories are synonymous. When you’re writing a new post or editing an old one, you’ll see an area marked “categories” at the upper right of the screen. You can just type words or phrases there, separated by commas; these are tags and are used to categorize your entries. You can place a post in multiple categories. For instance, my most recent post is about dark matter, and I’ve tagged it as “science”, “physics”, and “astronomy”. You can have your categories automatically display in your sidebar. On my weblog, readers can see, for instance, posts tagged “astronomy”. Or they could look at the same collection WordPress-wide. The Tag Surfer that Matt is talking about is a new feature of It has a field where you type tags for subjects you’re interested in. Then when you visit the Tag Surfer, WordPress looks for recent posts that people tagged with tags you like.

    Also note that there is no formal category system; you may use what you like. If my weblog were exclusively about astronomy, for instance, I might have used “dark matter” or “Hubble” as tags instead. I hope this helps!


  5. s1th

    Really this is very nice…….


  6. kandykid

    Great idea, thank you very much.


  7. ismailtutumluer



  8. tfootitt

    this is great, cheers!


  9. nattiecarretier

    What you have done is really great!!!! 😀
    and…if you don’t mind…YOU ARE VERY HANDSOME!!!! hehehe 😛

    Congrats….for everything…hahahahaha.


  10. stephencanwalk

    Am trying to walk on this!


  11. conservativehomo

    I am impressed.


  12. Hanung Prefianto

    Thanks for Tag option pls visit me freely


  13. justtalky

    I want your favorites link


  14. xpressivestudio

    Now if we can have boolean expressions on Tag Surfer to search for postings (like a search bar that works on tags only).


  15. daniel

    Thanks Matt


  16. vanscott

    Brilliant! I think I will tag-along for the ride. This really makes a lot of sense and I appreciate how many things your creative staff adds almost on a daily basis. I am new to blogging and will tell all of my freinds about your excellent service.


  17. alsotop

    Very good idea and great implementation – is there anyway we could get a language filter?


  18. Mark

    Add another vote for some form of language filter. The tag surfer is great in finding new posts of interest of me. Or at least, I think it is but half my tag surfer page is in a variety of languages that I cannot read.


  19. moek5726

    Thanks for the info. Now we’re learning! 😉


  20. Deni Triwardana

    Ah Know Now Thanx


  21. thecollegekid

    Muchos Gracias



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  23. donaldhtaylor

    Love the functionality. And, of course, now I want MORE. Can you make the results of the query collapsable, so that I can see the headers only and then decide which entries to read entirely?

    Also, Matt, it may be my age, but I don’t get the whole cap thing. Mind you, everyone’s telling me to change my picture, so I’m not one to talk.


  24. kang moch

    thanks wordpress


  25. S A J Shirazi

    Very useful!


  26. indonesiaplanner



  27. masoristanbul

    Great work, that is very good


  28. seoit

    This is great. Thank you Matt and WordPress!


  29. sya77

    good job..realy nice and high quality


  30. Syster Yster

    Sorry if I dont understand. But I dont have any tags at all on my page? Why, what do I do wrong?
    Please forgive my english, a`ll do the best I can 🙂


  31. masoristanbul



  32. oztahtali

    Okumak Özgürlüklerin anahtarıdır…


  33. hojotury

    thanks 😀 🙂


  34. paklah



  35. italy119



  36. nsantanna

    OK! Thanks. I Think I understood, but I’ll have to use them to really get acquainted to them.


  37. sambernard

    That is so coool…………


  38. roaddifficulttotravel

    What a great venue to play a part in for open honest, dialog and discussion

    Steve Braxton


  39. 97dragon

    cool im gonna use it right now


  40. EelKat

    well there be a way to search for posts by tags?


  41. kuncungs

    very nice….that.


  42. brandbobby

    cool job


  43. xoarielxo



  44. Srikanth

    Cool as ice.. but a suggestion. I want language filters in this just like you have for top hot posts.. it would be nice coz everytime i see this tag surfer,i get posts on other languages and i have to scroll significantly before i could read something.


  45. The Friendly Ghost

    Feeds. Give me feeds. Attach a feed to this – like you get from the results of Google News, Yahoo News, Google Blog Search and Technorati – and you got yourself a sure fire winner.

    If this feature generated a feed then I’d be able to monitor it in my reader. Without it, I just won’t use it because I’ll have to keep coming back to it. It’s the difference between something being wonderfully useful and while certainly clever, also certainly not as handy.

    Go on, do it. You know it makes sense.


  46. Anne

    There is already the option to follow the tags via feeds – a little button and the text “follow this tag via rss”. Not in the tag surfer itself though, but that should be easy to ad? (WordPress?)

    The tag surfer is not really working for the time being, in my case. I have added lots of tags such as “snorkelling” – spelled in different ways, “underwater”, “underwater photography” and so on, and I do not have a single result. And I know these categories exists – I have seen them.

    Another important thing: the option to searchtags could be more efficient.
    I am not able to find the “snorkelling” tag on WordPress’ tagsite. It is simply too difficult to find it amongst all the other tags, as there is no alphabetic system whatsoever and no search option. Or am I overlooking it?

    Cheers, Anne.


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