Sandbox Theme

I just deployed a new theme by Scott Allan Wallick and myself. It’s called Sandbox. We hope you find it as visually appealing as we do! 🙂

Update: Sandbox was too beautiful so we removed all of the colors and graphics.

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  1. lotaenterprises

    how do you use the wordpress themes not in the “presentation” part? do you have to host it on your own server to get that functionality or is there another way?


  2. Qwerty Maniac

    Its so minimalistic for my taste … good skins though.


  3. Ruff

    That’s pretty cool!

    First comment…sweet.


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  5. Scott

    I thought it was Allan? Oh, and great job getting this out there for the community 😉


  6. Stephen

    Sweet. Lots of new stuff lately. Any chance we’ll be able to edit the “styles”?


  7. Andy

    Stephen: That’s insightful!


  8. Brent

    When you said minimalist, you weren’t kidding!

    That is hilarious!


  9. Linh760Li

    I dont like this themes. It’s too simple and nothing special. Adds reallly impresive themes, please!


  10. Livia

    Nice skin 🙂 But I have to say I would have liked more to have the possibility to customize the header of the default theme 😛



  11. Andy C

    Beautiful. Stunning, in fact. A certain minimalist charm.


  12. Moey

    kicks arse


  13. nusku

    I like it! 3 columns is great, with all the extra stuff – meebo etc – coming through, 3 columns are better for accessing everythgin.
    However my meebo widget isn’t showing up in sandbox as yet.

    this theme + a custom header would be uber cool.


  14. sulz

    dreadfully dull. i need colours in my themes. but i can see how it appeals to others.


  15. Rociel

    Seriously. I’ve seen the theme before, too, and removing all the colors and graphics was the only right thing to do… to protect everyone from its enormous beauty. (in fact, my eyes still hurt a bit.)


  16. drhaisook

    Thank you 🙂


  17. Sébastien

    This theme is absolutely perfect. It hearkens back to an earlier era of the web, when bandwidth was sacred, and webmasters did everything in their power to make sure their pages were accessible to the lowliest dial-up user.

    I would certainly love to be able to use the ‘sandbox’ portion of the sandbox theme – that is – futz around with the CSS and give it a feel of my own. But thank you for bringing this theme to my attention.


  18. Yaser



  19. Kristine

    I’ll give it a try. I can think of some nfty ways to use this minimalist approach…hoohah! Want to help me since I don’t know anything!


  20. Kristine

    If you blog it they will come!


  21. Scott

    Linh760Li, sulz, and Rociel: Have a look a little closer at this theme. It’s exceptionally beautiful on the inside. 😉


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  23. drmike

    Folks, it’s designed simple so you can go in and make changes to it. It’s suppose to be nearly empty. 🙂


  24. britgirl

    It’s beautiful. Simple and sophisticated.


  25. Justin

    ahh gotta love it when there’s new themes to play with.


  26. jb510

    LOL… everyone loves the blank customizable theme just the way it is… blank and without customization…


  27. disembedded

    I do like this new minimalist theme very, very much and have in fact switched to it. Nevertheless, I would like just a little tiny bit of color and graphics added to it. Wonder what its earlier version of “enormous beauty” looked like.


  28. admin

    don’t lioke it, looks like a white piece of paper with text


  29. Rees

    I like it! Very “Web 1.0”


  30. Alex

    If only there would be an option to edit CSS, I’d never dream about another theme.


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  33. Scott

    Alex: There is an option to edit the CSS. Maybe you realize this and I’m out of the joke. All the, look at two posts after this one for the details.


  34. Solo

    Blimey, such was the fuss (see above) that I had to go and have a nosey *rolls eyes and looks sheepish*

    Kinda fun.

    Pleased to see another 3 column option.
    I love ’em.
    Don’t use them.
    Bit like notebooks.

    (was that a bit random…?)

    – Solo.


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  36. davidlind

    I am on vacation and using a dial up. So when I put is theme on I had no idea how it was going to look. And I am so happy. It doesn’t chop off bits of my pictures. And everything on the sidebars fell into place and looks great. I had to do nothing except sit there and admire it. So can I use it for my blog? That’s the only question at this point. It’s very powerful.


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