Sysadmin Day

Remember when we used to have all those problems with the site going slow, being down, blogs disappearing, polio, et cetera? I do, but it’s a thankfully fading memory. Lately our internal and external measuring tools have been showing all services as pretty rock solid, and when something does go wrong the right folks are notified immediately wherever they are in the world.

This is the result of a lot of work on part of our whole team, but one man in particular: Barry Abrahamson. You may not know much about him, and he doesn’t blog too much, but he’s the systems expert that has made things around here so dang smooth lately and instituted measures so we’ll be able to scale gracefully as you guys keep making more blogs and getting more pageviews.

Why mention this? Well first to let you guys know that since our last batch of problems a few months ago (the Easter blog massacre), we’ve been working really hard behind the scenes to minimize that chances of anything like that happening again in the future. It’s a process that is never “finished” but I’ve been sleeping a lot easier with the new infrastructure in place.

Second, today is System Administrator Appreciation Day. Barry, we love ya. Thank you for the long hours, late nights, and infinite patience.

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  1. VDO Vault

    Barry you’re my hero 🙂

    And the rest of all y’all at are really making blogging wonderful.


  2. climenole

    Thank you Gentlemen !


  3. gapp

    Barry yo da maan


  4. avuee

    that’s just awesome to recognize someone who’s a core part of a team.


  5. ShiNa

    thanks guys.. you guys are the best!!


  6. rdgujarati

    all are doing wonderful job. No words to describe. Best wishes for all wordpress team.


  7. taraden

    Yes..thank you very much! Your great work has been noticed and is very much appreciated!! 😀


  8. sorasky`

    we now know yet another genius from the team! hooraY~


  9. P. A. Monteiro

    Thanks Barry for all the behind-the-scenes work that makes us love . Keep up the great work.


  10. Elsie

    thank you Barry!!!! and thank all of you guys for working so hard. Your work is fantabulous!


  11. Justin

    Thank you guys, you all do great work!


  12. Yaser



  13. Naomi

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Thank you.


  14. K

    Thanks Barry for all the hardworks.


  15. K

    Thank’s Barry for all the hardworks.


  16. tazo

    it is nice to have such dedicated programmers and system administrators working to keep our blogs running and stay secure. thanx. 😀


  17. JV

    Thanks , Berry.


  18. Brent

    Brent Roos would like to give a shot out to Barry Abrahamson, and the rest of the sysadmins.

    Stay good! 8)

    Thanks for your dedication, and professionalism.


  19. dresramblings

    Barry’s definitely da man!


  20. Schizo Phrenic

    keep up the good work


  21. janoz

    hey we now cant remember the days we were cursing you :p lol jk!! i really love wordpress and now, you of course, matt and Andy and Podz, other guys too 😉 i love you guys you are the heroes 🙂
    hugs and kisses on your appreciation day, and just wanna tell you that i Appreciate you heaps 🙂


  22. myepinoy

    Thank you Barry Much!


  23. the forester

    Hooray, Barry! You may not feel our appreciation all the time, but whenever my blog loads promptly I am a very grateful user. Thank you for all your work!


  24. everythingelse

    add that one to my christmas list too, elf. he’s been a very good boy this year.


  25. Linh760Li

    I am sysadmim, too.

    Cheers to me!


  26. Julian

    Barry YOU ARE A GENIUS, GENIO, Thank you SO MUCH…


  27. Qwerty Maniac

    Lets nominate Barry!


  28. parafonos

    i am the new boy in the blog, and i enjoy it very much because of you …. thank you very very very much 🙂


  29. MadMark

    Thank you for your work Barry!


  30. E@zyVG

    Thanks Barry for awesome job done.

    We all appreciate that.


  31. traya

    Yeah, thanks a lot…i guess :S


  32. girlfriday

    Thanks Barry: we love wordpress for the great sysadmin 🙂


  33. fritoy

    Barry Thank you for all your hard work.


  34. Unique Fish

    Kudos to Barry for doing such a excellent job.

    My standing as an ex-sysadmin is that sysadmins are the modern heroes. Not only they have to deal with tough technical problems but with also with nagging users and bosses 🙂

    Thank you


  35. Avatar DJ Flux

    Missing the System Administrator Appreciation Day by 24h, I still want to thank Barry and the whole WP crew.

    And I will thank you the other 364 days of the year, maybe not publicly, for sure in my thought every time I get my hands on my blogs.

    — DJ Flux


  36. P. A. Monteiro

    If at first you don’t succeed… The comment monster ate my comment, so here goes the second try, which is a rephrasing of the first.

    Thanks a lot Barry for making such an attractive platform (word choice?) to be on. Keep up the good work.


  37. Vivek

    Great work, Berry !


  38. strambinha

    Barry, thanks for your hard work and endless patience… sysadmins are the ones who have to fix all the mess we regular humans do. I wish you many tranquil and uninterrupted weekends.

    Cheers to you and all the WordPress team, you guys rock!


  39. britgirl

    Good job. Thanks.


  40. Nobodyknows

    Happy Sysadmin day, Barry!


  41. глагол

    nice occasion to learn who the team behind wordpress is 🙂


  42. homesweethome

    I would like to than not only Barry, but also all of the unnamed people who work to keep WP running smoothly, and with more and more attractions. You make it so nice for the technically challenged like me. A great big Thank You.


  43. jewaira

    Barry you’re simply wonderful..
    And special thanks to the whole team 🙂


  44. engtech

    Quick, someone send him a text message at 12 am with “the servers are on fire” followed by a “we love you man”.


  45. Chittaranjan

    Attaboy Barry!

    Welldun WP staff et al!


  46. Jope

    Late and all (must be the heat here in Madrid 😉 ), congrats and thanks, Barry!


  47. Cem Basman

    Thanks to all the brave bit stokers!


  48. livingjourney

    Thanks Barry for all your hard work and dedication to WordPress… I for one am a very happy user, and cannot speak highly enough of WordPress.

    Here’s to ya 🙂


  49. Max



  50. royalflare

    Thank you very much to all of you! I never have been more happier with blogging now that I am with wordpress. 🙂 Thank you so much!


  51. Guru Panguji

    Go Barry go!!! :-D!! I should say my sysadmin guys should meet Barry! Hail Barry is gonna be their new motto :-D!!


  52. vinu

    Thanks Barry – dedicate this pic to you 🙂

    its Indian Lord ganesha – Destroyer of all evils 🙂 {I don’t believe much in God and Lords) But I just love the pic!


  53. jmjosemi69

    When will be my Blog MusicBox60 one of the best of the day ????

    ( )

    Cheers ! 🙂


  54. tomwork

    Thank you Barry! and Thank to All Team.


  55. Katrina

    thank you Barry!


  56. Brian Alexander

    Wooo! WordPress Team Rox!


  57. unsentpostcards

    Thanks a bunch! Mahal ko ang wordpress! [I love WordPress!]


  58. grhomeboy

    Barry > Kudos and thanks!


  59. Ian Lumb

    Belated appreciation, Barry! -Ian


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  61. Kristine

    Would Mr. Abrahmsom step up to the podium, take his bow, and…
    Thank you to one and all. But I still have a gremlin running around when I need to post.


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