We’ve created a version of that is super-light — no images, CSS, or any other styling. So far we’ve found this to be very useful for blogging from mobile devices with a browser like a Treo or Blackberry, and it’s also pretty snappy when you’re on a slow connection like dial-up.

So type into your phone, PDA, or 486 PC and get your stats, blog, and link.

We’re aiming to keep this mobile version of pretty simple, but if you have any ideas for it please let us know in the comments.

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  1. Ryan B

    Hey I just checked it out on a normal PC and like the feel a lot.


  2. beeteew

    Cool. 🙂


  3. chartreuse

    Great idea!


  4. Brent

    I especially like the bookmarking feature, because it is so easy to add to my blogroll!

    This is excellent.

    What else is great, is the ability to jot something down, and save it as a draft, to edit later in the regular editor. I get many ideas all the time, but I don’t always blog about all of them, because it takes me too long to open the editor, then save the draft, etc. I like this a lot.

    Thanks guys! 8)


  5. Abhijit Nadgouda

    Nifty! Can it also count or most recent or to-be-moderated comments?


  6. adam

    good stuff. i don’t do much phone blogging, but i’ve been enjoying it in my google homepage and OSX dashboard for a couple weeks now.


  7. Stephen

    Awesome feature. I’ll be using this.


  8. Toby Getsch

    Trying the “sandwich technique” here…

    Cool. I like the new mobile version. Same thing that I picked up earlier to use via

    I’m wondering if there is any thoughts about how to make our blogs look good via mobile devices. About the only advantage that MSN’s Spaces has is that it has a decent look when viewed from a Smartphone or PDA, etc. The full blog isn’t there, but the posts and pictures are very easy to view. Something like that would be great to have our regular blogs just show up ok on small devices.

    Keep innovating. I’m loving the progress and new things as they come out. That’s why I switched over my main blog from LiveJournal and didn’t go with MSN Spaces either. You guys are doing it right! Nice work.


  9. tazo

    Whoa, totally gnarley. Now can we can moblog!!! (Ok, to some extent, we still need web accessto get to this page, but still!!!)


  10. tazo

    Whoa, totally awesome!!


  11. war59312

    Would be sweet if you could mod comments using it.


  12. ياسر

    Sweet, thank you.


  13. Colin

    I have been using for a few days … noticed it was there after you offerred the Live widget. It is slick, and very handy.
    I don’t know if its possible, but it would be handy to be able to edit posts from this screen in my blackberry.


  14. haken

    Won´t be using it…great idea though!


  15. Justin

    this is really cool, especially sitting on a train with a PDA.


  16. jlopezmc

    Excellent idea.
    Really cool. When you have an idea on the move, you need something like this to post it. Great!


  17. myepinoy

    I guess you should check out the blog tools of Flock browser. It is somewhat complete and easy to use: categories, tags and even a ping to your favorite technorati and what have you.


  18. jamshid

    Why simply don’t use ? This is the way to add categories also.


  19. .i dream in red.

    quite handy for the pda

    Liked by 1 person

  20. becs

    I really wish this was available for self hosted wordpress blogs. Hopefully they may implement it in version 2.1 failing that maybe someone can create a plugin for it.


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