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You might have noticed that is poised to take over the world. We’re not really supervillains but we do think we deserve to look like supervillains at least some of the time, don’t you? I mean, Doctor Evil had Mini-Me. That’s the kind of thing we want. (That is really our second choice but we don’t know any Zoroastrians named Wilma.)

But seriously, we’ve engineered a sort of miniature clone of Once you’re logged in, the gadget lets you handle the most common aspects of blog administration. It has three main areas: Stats, New Post, and New Bookmark. These should be entirely self-explanatory so I’ll let them explain themselves.

There will be many uses for this miniature site and we’ve gotten the ball rolling by writing a Windows Live gadget. To use it, click Add Stuff, click Advanced Options, under Add a Gadget by URL enter and click Subscribe. You may have to refresh the page after that. Then under My Stuff click, then click “add to my page” and “Install Widget” and follow any additional instructions that may appear. (That seems like a lot of steps until you’ve done it as often as I have.)

If you find a new place to embed this gadget we sure want to know about it. Leave a comment and we’ll check it out!

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  1. Chittaranjan

    Good work! Maybe you can have a Yahoo/Konfabulator Widget for this…as most ppl. in the developing nations are yet to be familiar with Windows Live! and its Widgets.
    Another option would be to provide an Opera Widget for it or even a Google personalized page addon !:)


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  3. Stephen

    To add the WordPress Gadget to your page just click on the icon


  4. Stephen
  5. Brent

    Cool. Does this only work with Windows live? I’ll be interested to see how I can use this.

    I wonder what will become of this. So many people have so many bright ideas.

    At least we can all see that is hard at work, offering new features, all the time.

    Thanks guys!


  6. Stephen

    That’s pretty cool. I suppose this could work for easier mobile blogging too.

    Just one question… what does the “17h 52m remain” thing mean on the stats page?


  7. calupict

    This one seems cool.

    Hey how about a Yahoo! Widget?


  8. bluefrog

    What about a Mac Dashboard Widget? That’ll be cool


  9. Babbler

    A firefox extension would be cool.


  10. Andy

    Stephen: That’s the amount of time remaining in the stats day. Stats are latched to UTC. Those numbers help you see how you’re doing compared to the day before.


  11. Matt

    A Yahoo! Widget would be GREAT!! How how hard would that be to do?


  12. puny

    Maybe a Google widget too…


  13. Brent

    Hey how about a Google Gadget? 8)


  14. Matt

    A Yahoo! Widget would be GREAT!! How hard would that be to make?


  15. basu715

    Dont forget to make one for netvibes please.


  16. elgrande

    Don’t you guys use Netvibes, I would prefer a netvibes module!!!


  17. Yong Hwee

    How about a widget for OSX?


  18. drhaisook

    Wow! This is gonna work well in smartphones and handhelds, isn’t it? If so, it would be really awesome! 🙂


  19. Nobodyknows

    If anything, I’d suggest adding a tab for latest comments so we can access that aspect a little more easily as well. But the Gadget™ is prett damn cool; I can see finaly using mac’s dashboard (should a such a widget ever show up).


  20. Dario Salvelli

    Infact,it’s interesting a Google Gadget also: this will be great when i use gmail on my pda and the gadget of my blog.


  21. Kunal

    this is great feature.. clean and white.. writing a new post is really easy, but what are the in the top posts.. i thought them to be links, but unable to click them…


  22. Stephen

    To make the Windows Live Gadget easier to add for users you can use a link in this format:

    And whilst you are at it you should add the Gadget to the Windows Live Gadgets libray at


  23. gapp

    Thanx a lot guys.


  24. wank

    What’s a supervillian? Is it like a supervillain, or is it just an inhabitant of Superville?


  25. engtech

    The top posts feature is pretty neat, any chance we could get that as a sidebar widget for our main blog? (maybe with top 4 posts today, top 4 posts yesterday… along with number of hits?)


  26. Moey

    thay’s great.. but doesnt wanna work with me


  27. thehype

    Huh, easy and simple.. But sorry if it seems like a dumb question, since I’ve only been blogging for a short time, but what/where is the [Add Stuff]? I don’t see it on the Gadget page..


  28. Ken

    Lovely. Can I request you release it as a plugin and make it Netvibes compatible? 🙂

    Oh, and if you guys are running Linux, you’re that much closer to being supervillans.


  29. sunburntkamel

    very nice. not that i use but if i did, you know.

    thanks, andy!


  30. talkislam



  31. nikoxy

    Great stuff!
    Wish there be a Mac Widget too.
    Thanks, Andy!


  32. webmacster87

    How about a Mac OS X Dashboard widget?


  33. blayde

    This is great, a quick way of posting and adding bookmarks. Really neat.


  34. .:Mariana y Manuel:.

    I don’t undestand what is this. Can someone explain it to me in spanish????Thank you!


  35. torpy

    Keeping my fingers crossed for Netvibes compatibility as well!


  36. umair

    this is gonna work well


  37. erik

    nice. thanks for your continued work.

    wilma is not an intimidating supervillan name, especially for a blog empire mascot.


  38. Andy

    7. drhaisook: I sure hope so! There’s very little javascript involved.

    8. Nobodyknows: Fantastic idea! I’ll see what I can do.

    10. Kunal: 1-2-3-4 are HTML acronym tags. Hover them to see the post title. This probably needs work, as I’m not sure how mobile devices will handle that.

    12. wank: I knew I could count on you. 🙂

    17. erik: Wilma held a special place in Dr. Evil’s heart. 😉


  39. Ujwala

    how can a mac user use this? I’m very excited about being able to post to any of my blogs from one page and to see the summary of all of them on one page too! fantastic! thank you. now you have to tell me how I can use this on my google page or even directly in 😀


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  41. Wayne Bowerman

    Cool. I started a windows live just to see how it works. Any scance of making something like this for a google home pages???


  42. Nero

    AWSOM!! would be great if i had somthing on my desktop tho 😦


  43. ياسر

    Cool beans.


  44. Brent

    It’d be nice if this could be made into a GDesklet.


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  46. nalts

    I’ll echo the chorus of Google Widgets!


  47. gabblywidget
  48. gabblywidget



    add this to your netvibes:



  49. ruff

    hey, I am ruff ruffman (not really) and I have my own reality widget blog.

    Where you can get the mac dashboard widget, netvibes and the google personal homepage addon. Enjoy!


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  51. ruff

    woot! firefox, flock and IE sidebars! Plus awesome other stuff!

    Besides my awesome show I got an dosawesome! website! check it out at


  52. undefinedgeek

    Woot! Totally Awesome. Works great.

    To those of you having problems getting the widget to work on, in FireFiox, go to Tools->Options->Privacy->Cookies, then make sure cookies are enabled and the option “For the originating website only” is disabled.


  53. rmtaylor

    this has been asked a couple of times, but just to annoy everyone how about a gadget?
    which of these services will actually dominate the future of internet surfing? will microsoft make a comeback? or will google grow and outsource microsoft??


  54. Joby Elliott

    Those of you asking for a firefox plugin that uses WordPress, look no further than:

    I did actually hit a hangup trying to use it, because it’s not particularly clear on how to configure it for WordPress, but I’m working on a simplified version of another tutorial on the subject.

    If you don’t want to wait, read the tutorial I found at:


  55. shorty114

    I don’t know about everyone else, but who the heck uses Windows Live??

    A OS X Dashboard widget or Yahoo!/Konfabulator widget would be much more useful, IMO.


  56. Andy

    Joby: I have Performancing for Firefox installed and I like it very much but I usually forget to use it. I prefer tasks to be side-by-side, not stacked vertically. Still, it’s nice to know I can press F8 to blog. With Ruff’s Firefox extension I can also blog with Alt-W.


  57. Ruff

    Plus my firefox extension will be hosted on soon! DOSAWESOME!


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  59. geeklob

    you should have a dashboard widget for mac os X.


  60. Ruff

    geeklob: this,

    is for any mac that can run dashboard


  61. davortech

    What about a Dashboard gadget for Mac OS X ?


  62. Ruff

    davortech try looking at the comment above.


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