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With the help of the Phantastic Phu (of many themes phame) we’ve revamped the tag pages a bit. I could talk all day about them, but here are some interesting ones to check out:

The big changes you’ll see from the previous pages are they look better, we now have a “featured blog” for each tag, and the new related tags feature on the sidebar.

Personally the related tags bit is my favorite. It’s fascinating and quite amusing the stuff it comes up with and I can waste so much time clicking through the tags that sound interesting and discovering new blogs in the process.

Anyway, hope you like the improvements we’ve made, and as always feel free to leave suggestions or comments in the… comments.

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  1. gpessia

    Nice! 🙂


  2. Rui Martins

    Woa! Big improvement on the layout! Now…

    1. To make things even better… Why don´t to display the images on the posts? (when they exist).

    2. And can´t you select the most updated tags by language and display them on the Dhasboard page? That will increase certainly the use of this excelente, but not so accessed page… It will be excellent to at this to the homepage of

    P.S.: Did I already told that I believe that WordPress is the simply the best blogging software ever made? And I now blogspot, MT and some others… Known and Quit, But remaining at WordPress until now…


  3. Matt

    Rui, both are great ideas. We’re looking at integrating images, for tags like “photography” I think it could do some really cool stuff. There are some technical challenges with regards to layout, but I think we can overcome them.

    One idea I’ve been playing around with is a Dashboard tab that basically shows you “other people blogging about the same things you are”, like a mini-aggregator for related content. It would probably only kick in if you have more than a few posts and use more than 5 different tags, but I tihnk it could be a pretty cool way to find new blogs and content.


  4. K

    Nice overhaul. Neat and clean pages for tags. It’s more compressed and very tempting to click on each posts on that categories.


  5. Kash

    I love it!


  6. sunburntkamel

    ok, ok, i was just kidding around, sheesh.

    i think it’s a lot better, and the ideas in this thread are better still. another $0.02: how about more featured blogs in the sidebar, under the related tags? if 1 expert is good, 5 experts are even better. you know, long tail, and all.


  7. Moey

    cool, I’ll blog in the photography one soon 🙂


  8. MadMark

    yeah… i was really surprised when i opened my tags to look around.. very nice work guys!


  9. Senor Jordan

    Get this look on the blogs of the day page.


  10. the forester

    Very cool! Thanks for highlighting some of the quality blogs — gives us more motivation to strive for better in our own writing.


  11. timethief

    I have a question. When I click “tags” at the top of this page I get a tag cloud but there’s no search box. I just looked at a tag cloud but could not see “environment” and that’s exactly the kind of blogs I wanted to find. Can a search box be added please?


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  13. aaronpaetz

    yes…. but how do i SEARCH tags???


  14. Brent

    Wow, this looks great! Excellent job. I love the related tags feature. This is a great way to expand blogging.


  15. nova

    This is great! WordPress keeps getting better and better. I’m so glad I switched.


  16. Andrew Sidwell

    How do you decide the featured blogs?


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  18. Abhijit Nadgouda

    Yes, the related tags really connect.


  19. gapp

    Lovely. I like the related tags section. Thanx a million guys!


  20. Justin

    oh i definately love the new improvements made to the tags section. Tags have kinda felt a little neglected on the site, good to see them get a new life.

    Tags are such an important aspect to a blogger, its so nice to have you guys and gals at wordpress constantly updating stuff for us, making things better than ever!


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  22. Cem Basman

    Uhh, much better! I like it!


  23. gesses

    is TAGS supported on the free WP?


  24. drhaisook

    Great..! 🙂


  25. jetsociety

    great as usual !!!


  26. Matt

    Andrew, it’s algorithmic.


  27. timethief

    I previously (yesterday) left a request for a search box. Cancel that please I now have learned how to use these tage correctly and can just change the last word in any one of them to “environment” and find blogs I’m looking for. Thanks.


  28. Nero



  29. livingjourney

    Is the featured post the latest one, or the one that has the most visits or comments?

    How is the featured post decided on?



  30. Sankar Viruthachalam

    THe new page looks great.. keep it goin!!


  31. Matt

    The featured blog is a little bit of secret sauce. The featured post is just the latest post from that blog in that has that tag.


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  33. grhomeboy

    You guys want an honest comment? Well, here’s one > WordPress blogging gets fascinating all of the time! Thumbs up to the wordpress team, thank you guys!


  34. Clodimedius

    The new tag page is very interesting and useful. Altough, it seems there is a little remaining bug you will probably able to esily solve…

    When clicking on a tag, from a post, which brings us to the tag page, we have the option, in the lower part of the page, to «Find other items tagged with “tag”»
    on Technorati,, Wink or Icerocket, which is VERY useful, after reading the found posts, of course.

    But if there is NO results, for an uncommon tag let’s say, this bottom part DOES NOT appear. I could provide an example in my blog, if you wish.

    And you can guess that it is precisely at that moment it would be the most useful, to continue exploring !


  35. Clodimedius

    Forget my post. This problem occured on an unposted page. When an entry is posted, then, every tag can be found, of course ! So, my post was a blunder, sorry !


  36. generally

    Wow! Thanks much.


  37. thegadget

    Thanks. Nice layout!


  38. jetsociety



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