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We’ve now turned on the ability for to import files from Livejournal’s export format due to a recent spike in requests. All you have to do is download your XML export and upload it to under the Import menu item, and it’ll import your posts and comments. Some features don’t map exactly, such as lj-cut, but we do our best to make the import as seamless as possible.

As always, if you run into any problems let us know through the feedback feature and we’ll take a look at it.

As a sidenote, the WordPress XML import/export that has been put into the 2.1 core trunk is coming soonish, we just need to finish up the plugin for the current release of so you can actually do something useful with the file, or get an export from your current WP blog.

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  1. Vee

    very nice…
    slightly false advertising, however, as livejournal doesn’t export comments via xml.
    got me all excited there for a minute… 🙂
    still an awesome addition to your already-awesome service!


  2. Livia

    Great thing! Personally, I dont use LiveJournal, but I’m happy that many WP users will now benefit from this thing 🙂


  3. Ken

    Nice work, guys. Is there any demand for a Xanga import? Can I start some? 🙂


  4. Dzamir

    Very cool thing!!
    You are working fast and good! The export feature is a fundament feature! staff rulez 😀


  5. Nobodyknows

    I’ll just ditto what Livia said. You guys and gals are doing great work in finding ways to steer more people toward WP — good on you!


  6. Sonnie

    Keep it rolling guys. Big thannks


  7. MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan

    Despite the fact that I don’t really use LiveJournal, I think it is a very good development. Again I am amazed at the pace at which WordPress is making progress. It is simply amazing. I am confident that if WP continues its progress at this pace, it will leave Blogger behind in a couple of years. Keep going. Well done.

    What I really want at this moment is the ability to use Javascript on my blog and the ability to configure the feed autodiscovery. I am anxiously waiting for these two features to come.


  8. ychittaranjan

    Oh good! Imma hafta dig up my LJ..which, as a matter of fact, was buried away in the vast echleons of cyberspace eons ago :mrgreen:


  9. E@zyVG

    Looking forward to WP export feature. Able to export all posts, pages, categories with comments will be great … the one I am looking forward for sure.


  10. lonemage

    Just imported my old LJ blog. Thanks very very much and keep up the GREAT work!


  11. Destiny

    nice, another new feature, sadly i didn’t use life journal, anyways, keep up the good work 😉


  12. Ankur

    hey thankx ppl now some ppl will surely switch over to wordpress


  13. sanyuja

    I don’t have a livejournal, so not much useful for me. Nevertheless, thank you for providing this feature.


  14. aabiransabeel

    Ditto to what the last person said, don’t use it, still appreciate your work WordPress.


  15. talkislam

    awesome, you guys just keep it coming!


  16. sorasky`

    that’ e spirit! now let’ livejournal bow down to wordpres!


  17. Ron

    Man, if you could do the AOL Journals someday, that would be great.


  18. Alicia

    Myspace… myspace…. myspace…


  19. wank

    Damn, now I have to download a heap of XML files and sift through them for past wankery 😉


  20. The Robot

    And what about importing from an existent (1.X) wordpress install?

    I would like to move my older posts to my new worpdress blog.


  21. swartzonmedia

    good deal


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  24. joeflirt

    My guess is the spike in LiveJournal requests has to do with the recent problems with LiveJournal and people that use breastfeeding images as their primary icon. Quite the fiasco it seems to be turning out to be.


  25. pandacookie

    Thanks for this. This is what made me decide to move both my blogs on here. 🙂


  26. ebunam

    Ooooh. Huzzah… a bit too late for me, though. I just copied and pasted all my entries from LJ, which wasn’t that bad. I just wish this had been developed sooner. I still love WordPress, though!


  27. zillionbits

    Thanks for the wonderful feature, I can now import my lj blogs


  28. fieral



  29. Barry



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