Celebrating 200k

This Memorial Day weekend we’ll have a little party logo up, as we celebrate reaching 200 thousand blogs together.

On behalf of myself, Andy, Donncha, Ryan, Podz, Toni, and Barry, I wanted to thank you guys for sticking with us through the thick and thin, uptime and downtime, fast times and the slow times.

It hasn’t always been easy, but things worth doing seldom are.

When I surf the tags page and see the incredible depth, variety, and creativity of writing that WordPress.com bloggers are producing it blows my mind.

At the end of the day, it’s all about you. WordPress is just a tool — a paintbrush, a pickaxe, a megaphone. Any life WP.com has is what you breathe into it, and we’ll never forget that.

Thank you.

Now, some fun stats. In the past 10 days, WordPress.com bloggers have….

  • Created 14,100 blogs
  • Added 30,300 static pages
  • Tagged 188,259 tags on posts
  • Gotten 267,490 comments
  • Written 291,000 posts
  • Have 779,325 feed subscribers
  • Had 6,832,322 pageviews!


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  1. Matt

    Also, thanks to Phu for the cool graphic. 🙂


  2. cyesi23

    Congratulation to everybody concerned. Love the work you’re doing. The flexibility and professionalism you give to us lot who now depend on you is exceptional. Keep on doing the doo and you’ll keep getting the rewards. You know what we want, customize customze cutomize! It’s happeneing and you’ll know we’ll be with you along this ongoing journey to who knows where!


  3. The prodigal's son

    Congratulation. The WordPress.com team are wonderful. I was not worried at all even during those few days when the servers were problematic. I just have complete faith in you. I am so glad I have chosen WordPress.com.


  4. Livia

    You guys at WordPress are the best! You are rocking the way people blog. We thank you so much for providing us with this powerful and professional platform. I am sure I will never regret chosing WordPress.com.


  5. Tildy

    Congratulations, ya’ll! I am continually impressed with the imagination and intelligence I see here, and how hard you make that work for us. I am so glad I moved – you guys are great.


  6. kxpc237chq

    My reaction is that of a computer-non-literate old guy who is constantly infuriated by what I perceive to be the crazy way that computers are set up by my superiors who fail to understand how non-academic thick as mud I am.

    But I embarrassedly grateful all the same. I used to find an outlet doing zines for Mensa SIGs (special interest groups). Now it is the blog. Thank you clever guys (and gals?) for your stunning patience and skill.

    Cyrus Hunter-Quick


  7. Nobodyknows

    Congrats! Thanks for this wonderful service you provide — you guys and gals are great.


  8. taraden

    YAY!! So very cool! I do not want to be anywhere else but here at WP! :mrgreen:


  9. Ilias

    Congratulations for the work you are doing..

    We should thank you.. 😉


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  11. timethief

    WordPress rocks Thanks so much to all of you for what y’all do. It’s much appreciated.:D


  12. Rice

    Yeah! Congratulations! Thanks for WordPress. I am new to this blogity blog stuff and you have made it easy to learn and use.


  13. Lorelle VanFossen

    It’s come a long way, baby. Congrats!


  14. Michele Sabatier

    Three cheers for 200K and many more to come. You are the best by far and keep getting better! Thanks for doing it all.


  15. life-logs

    WordPress.com is celebrating reaching 200 thousand blogs

    Congratulation to everybody concerned. This is the reward of your great efforts. As a WordPress.com user, I am very satisfied with their service until. The best part I like is that my page is frequently spidered by Google and the amount of traffic …


  16. onecoolsoul

    Congrats to the WordPress team! Word Press does rock and I guess we will be looking forward to that
    1,000,000th blog here at WP!


  17. Sukhbir

    Congratulations! WordPress is without doubt the best!


  18. p|nK^bEe

    Congrats! WP.com rocks on! =D


  19. rdgujarati

    congrates. great work.
    the best work.


  20. notapundit



  21. Aina

    That’s because WordPress.com truly ROCKS!!!! Way to go! Woohoo!!


  22. Ridzwan

    That is very pleasant to hear!

    I am so glad I run my blog on WordPress! Thank you so much for the all good job done!!


  23. Abhijit Nadgouda

    You guys and WordPress deserve this. Congratulations! And thanks!


  24. aabiransabeel

    Whoah, I was actually paying attention to that as it was going up. I was like, this is ridicolous, everyday I check, or sometimes multiple times a day, there was another 1,000 new blogs. Congratulations.


  25. MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan

    Thank you very much for the professionalism you have exhibitted. You people clearly deserve much more and I am sure this is just a stepping stone for the much greater achievements yet to come. With the determination, hard work, openness and frankness you show, it is hard for anyone to stop using WP.

    Congratulations. Keep up the hard work.


  26. K

    Cheers to the 200K! Mabuhay!


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  28. madhoo

    WoW! u r really great. Now most of the information on we is now free on wordpress. U r so great and kind . How can I tell u thanks…


  29. Rahul Mulchandani

    How many days till you guys make 1000 k :D. Enjoy the party


  30. bigstarlet

    Out of all the free blog servers out there, you guys are the most professional. Thanks for being here and mucho congrats on your success!


  31. Chrono Cr@cker

    Simply amazing. fantastic stats…. WP.com rocks


  32. noshowerfamily

    cute balloons!


  33. E@zyVG

    Cool logo … looks nice.

    BTW, I was thinking that maybe you can have on the main page soem stuff like the best blogs, or Top 10, classified in categories/topics.

    What you think.


  34. P. A. Monteiro

    Congratulations to the WP team. It’s amazing that you do all the work and then don’t even take the credit–you give it to the us, the users. Take a bow guys–you deserve it. It’s because of you that WP.com rocks.


  35. Qwerty Maniac

    w00t, WP has come a long way indeed!


  36. Shailesh S. Khandekar

    अभिनंदन! (i.e. Congratulations!! in Marathi)


  37. rollmops

    Conratulations! I love the tools you guys give me for publishing, and especially for (ad)free.

    E@zyVG: Have you tried


    And you are on number 8 right now, respect.


  38. Philapple

    Continuate a lavorare per rendere il servizio sempre più bello!!


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  40. Ankur



  41. litlove

    Extraordinary to think this service is free. I’d wanted a blog for ages, and this is far and away the best site out there. 200,000 blogs means that one or two people realise that!


  42. livingjourney

    A fatastic effort. I really enjoy blogging here, the help from you guys is amazing. Take a bow!!!

    Thanks again!


  43. Rociel

    Gratulationen! WordPress.com ist einsame Spitze. YEE-HAW!!


  44. Amit

    Congrats!!! 🙂 So what do we get for the celebration?? 😉


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  46. the forester

    I dunno — I understand why those statistics would excite you fine folks, but they kinda depress me. In ten days, 291,000 posts? So much for my voice being heard. I’m not taking much comfort in the 6.8 million page views, because we all know who’s racking up those: Scobleizer!


  47. ShiNa

    thanks guys for everything!


  48. TheShortFatKid

    Yeah for us and thanks for you!


  49. Tina

    Weee! I like balloons 😀
    Congrats guys!


  50. dorai

    Congratulations. You deserve this and more. You are probably one of the most responsive product teams, I have seen. You respond to most of the suggestions promptly and even implement them.

    Wish you all the best for a speedy million.


  51. matiasjajaja

    Congrats you guys !


  52. Cem Basman

    Congratulations, Matt, Andy, Donncha, Ryan, Podz, Toni, and Barry!
    Rock on, guys!


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  54. drhaisook

    Congrats! Lone live WordPress! 🙂


  55. drhaisook



  56. Ben Rowe

    WordPress gets better every week. Keep up the good work guys


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  58. jaytomio

    Congrats on the achievement! Thanks again!


  59. c.trinity

    Congratulations to you all and thank you for everything.
    You’ve done a great job so far.


  60. Lee Kelleher

    Congrats to The WP.com Team! Hope you keep up the all the good work!


  61. Stephane

    Congrats ! Thanks for that wonderful blogging site, and keep doing that great job !


  62. dreamnepal

    Yes, it was a great experience. However, lets not be fooled by the growing numbers alone.
    Quality is equally important. I feel like the quality of the top blogs isn’t upto my expectations. We need to be creative as well as analytic. We should get the hottest news in town, amazing innovations and creative articles for the readers.

    Other than that, it is a great experience.


  63. typo180

    Congratulations, I’ve only been here a short time, but I’ve really enjoyed WP. This place has a certain feel to it that goes beyond useability and convenience.


  64. Juicy

    thanks for the great service! I really love WP 🙂


  65. tonyburgess410

    Congrats! I am impressed with the features your service has. More templates and mobloging would be a great way to celebrate the occasion.


  66. Brent

    Awesome! WordPress.com has come a long way in such a short amount of time.

    Btw, since there are so many wordpress.com blogs now, is this going to lead to more customization of these blogs, now that so many of them look the same? I sure hope so.

    Keep up the good work, developers.


  67. agring

    Congratulations WP team. Good job! I’m enjoying it here…Thank you very much!


  68. kashmir

    As someone mentioned, we should be thanking you WordPress. I tried blogging with blogpost and failed so badly that I never wrote anything other than the first post! And with WP I already have 37 posts (not a lot, but a lot by my standards!) and guess what I even got an offer to write for a magazine! Isn’t that something! I credit WP with all that! Way to go! And Thank You!


  69. takoradi

    Congrats and best wishes to the future…


  70. lucatogni.ch

    200 mila blog per WordPress.com

    In questi giorni WordPress.com – piattaforma di blogging basata su WordPress – ha raggiunto la cifra di 200 mila blog aperti. Il progetto WordPress.com era stato avviato durante il mese di agosto del 2005; in meno di un anno si è quindi ritagliato uno…


  71. downloadblog

    WordPress.com pronto a sfidare Blogger?

    Il sabato che è appena trascorso ha visto “grandi festeggiamenti” in casa WordPress.com che ha raggiunto i 200 mila blog aperti. Poco meno di un anno fa c’erano persone disposte a pagare per avere un invito che permetteva di aprire …


  72. MMC-TSN

    Wordpress is by far the best blogging platform online! Keep up the great work!


  73. blaze

    I’m glad I’m here and I’m glad you guys are the ones keeping it all afloat!


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  75. Ben.P

    I’m new at wordpress.com, but I just wan to say congradulation ! I really like wordpres
    I switch from blogspot and I’m really happy !


  76. zachstroum

    Congratulations! Since I’ve signed up, I’ve always found it very easy to use, reliable, and the regular addition of new features is always welcome. Keep it up!


  77. sanyuja

    Way to go!


  78. ychittaranjan

    A big Thumbs up to Y’all! Congratulations and may WP scale greater milestones in the days to come…


  79. chaitra

    Great Work guys… Congrats


  80. pipit

    You guys at WordPress are the best!


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  82. Rui Martins

    Having passed for several other options (blogger, movable type, etc) I am still impressed by the professionalism of you team. You are excelente, and the feedback that you provide to your users is simply above any other “blog provider”.

    Keep the good work!


  83. Mark

    Congrats to you! Great and great going job!


  84. rob1n

    Congratulations! It’s definately the best blogging service out there! Free wordpress hosting! who wants more??


  85. stevieb

    Blogging system: impressive
    Over 200,000 users: impressive
    Pretty party graphic: impressive

    Well done and keep up the impressive work!


  86. Rebecca Aguilar

    Well done there. In January, I moved my Weblog, The Elar Classroom, from Blogger and I’ve been happy with WordPress.

    Here’s wishing you 200K more!


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  88. legosdream

    congrats! happy memorial day!
    thanks for all the cool and fun stuff you guys have done for the site…looking forward to creating and logging more experiences from here on!


  89. erik

    thanks for your continued effort to support your customers through timeliness and innovation.



  90. niyati

    Congrats guys! Keep up the good work!


  91. swartzonmedia

    congrats…I’m glad to be a part of this


  92. alanswan

    Thank you for such a great tool!

    Onward and Upward to you WordPress! Alan Swan


  93. Deepak

    Congratulations. If you know what your customers want & start providing it. We will rock each other. And all we need is more & more customisation, which you guys have slowly & gradually already started providing. So, we all are now happy campers 🙂


  94. bereans

    You guys are awesome. Will be back to congratulate you on your 1,000,000th.



  95. karana23

    Congrats people!

    You lot deserve the party more than anyone else.

    A humble thanks from a WordPress blogger.


  96. onecoolsoul

    I hope to be around when WordPress reaches 1,000,000!


  97. Richard

    Congratulations !


  98. farlane

    Congrats, WP Team. You’ve built a great thing and I much appreciate it!


  99. kaiez

    Comgrats WP! You guys are awesome man! Can’t wait for 300 000! Whoo!


  100. willhicks

    Congrats to all of us. Who started the 200K blog? Was it more ceremonial or is there some guy who has the two-hundred-thousandth blog on WordPress?


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