Theme Tuesday

It's been a while since we've added some new themes for you guys, so I thought we could bump it up to a Tuesday instead of waiting until this Friday. We've added 4 new free themes for you guys to check out, find them under your Presentation page.

  • Ambiru — Green and clean
  • Emire — Also green!
  • Flower Power — Just what'd you expect
  • Supposedly Clean — Customizable header and colors


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  1. Jeremiah

    YAY! thanks, I was waiting for a new theme to choose from.


  2. Richard

    Thanks, i like them all.


  3. taraden

    I have been waiting for Emire. Thank you so much. 😀 But…..I noticed there is no comment marker or categories that shows for older posts….only on the “current” ones. Will that ever be added???


  4. Nobodyknows


    Thanks for the new themes!

    As a warning to others, Supposedly Clean has a “customizable header” insofar as choosing a theme color. Choose blue as the main color for your blog, and the header changes. Choose red, and it’s something else.

    Regulus is, as far as I know, the only WordPress theme with a truly customizable header.


  5. Abhijit Nadgouda

    Cool themes, however some of them are not widgetized. I was waiting for Emire theme. Thanks guys!


  6. avuee

    I wish some of the themes were more customizable.


  7. .i dream in red.

    very nice


  8. legosdream

    thanks emire is nice!


  9. K

    Nice theme, simple and clean. Thanks.


  10. fuchsiacow

    Thanks, WordPress team! Absolutely wonderful!!

    4 at a go? You spoil us (but pls continue doing so)… =)


  11. designbeauty

    Thank you! I wanted to change Theme. Uhh, O.K. I choose Emire.


  12. Ujwala

    always nice to find something new at 😀 these are lovely. i’m sticking to regulus because of the various customisation options and widgets it has and the most special feature for me is that it allows me to customize the site header with my own image.


  13. chaoticmind

    great! thanks guys
    but why does the flower power is messed up on my screen.. they’re deviated to the left???


  14. Livia

    Nice themes! What a pity they dont support widgets (except FlowerPower). I’d live to have K2 🙂


  15. nylusmilk

    at last the day wp users waited has arrived. merci beaucoup! we will wait patiently for widgets-able themes that aren’t in the themes selection currently. 🙂


  16. sanyuja

    Thanks for the great themes.


  17. greenlightsabers

    zOMG I always get excited when there are new themes.



  18. Qwerty Maniac

    Wowowowowowowwww Howwllllll! W00t thhaannnkkssssss :mrgreen:


  19. drhaisook

    Great! Gonna check these out!


  20. sunburntkamel

    Awesome! glad to see some themes from the competition making their way in here!


  21. MorningGlory

    Thanks for all the new stuff guys. I’d love to see a few more 3-column themes; right now there’s only two to pick from.


  22. MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan

    While I believe this is a positive development and I laud the WP management’s oppenness to improvements, I think none of these themes quite matches up with Simpla By Phu. I think that is far superior than any of these new ones.

    I don’t mean they are bad or crummy–I am sure they have their own fans out there–but they don’t quite match up with Simpla. What do you guys (the commenters) believe?


  23. drhaisook

    I’ve tried them all, but I think none of them or of the rest could compete with Dusk’s versatility and organization. Dusk has wide space for writing, wide sidebar with different colors, making for easier differention and viewing.

    At least my blog got into WP’s Best Blogs through it 🙂


  24. Ivy

    Yay! Thank you!


  25. timethief

    Thanks for Supposedly Clean. I like the look of it but I find it unfortunate that it lacks what I need. Specfically it (1)lacks a contact page (2) lacks text widgets (3)and it lacks a side blog that allows for comments. I’m afraid I’ll have to stick to Regulus. Too bad.


  26. dario



  27. blaze

    Always appeciate it!


  28. Scottk

    China Red China Red Please please Please 🙂


  29. Shae

    Flower Power Baby (^-^)


  30. mrparks



  31. phrostypoison

    K2, and Asides widget…


  32. ychittaranjan

    Hehheyy! Nice Themes those…..But i feel there should be an element of Customisability(sic!) to them! IMHO, all the ‘Fixed Width’ Themes should be tweaked a li’l bit in order to ‘fit’ everyone’s tastes.
    But anyways, Thanks for these 🙂


  33. aparna

    Thanks for the great themes! wish we could have had three coloumn ones..


  34. sneakatron

    Yay More Themes.



  35. Manda

    Any progress on splitting the themes list into pages? On dialup it keeps timing out before all the images finish loading.


  36. Sonnie

    great! salamat (thank you)


  37. Ankur

    Thankx ppl


  38. swartzonmedia

    so many good themes, but I hate to keep changing mine


  39. Chrono Cr@cker

    Truly fascinating. Thanks guys, I’m in love with Ambiru and Emire, great stuff. BTW, RSS Widget does not work with Emire….


  40. Sankar Viruthachalam

    This is great. 4 new themes… awesome.. 🙂


  41. Roxanne

    I can’t find the sidebar widget for Ambiru either…love the new themes!!! 🙂


  42. Ryan B

    Ambiru – H2’s with +7 then 8pt text isn’t to great on the eyes 5/10

    Emire – Did you even look at comments? Black with #666 or #999 text is impossible to read, not to mention at 9pt 2.5/10

    Flower- girly, but good 7.5/10

    Clean – The nested lists have an error. There’s an error for short entries.


  43. Riva

    Ambiru – beautiful, and I’m using it now for my new WordPress blog. I was a bit disappointed, though, that it lacked a search option as is standard in most of the other designs.


  44. Jon-Kyle

    Loving Emire, apart from the comments fix that bit up. Also take the “Latest” graphic out on the main page. It looks horrible. Apart from that, it’s perfect! Actually makes me want to start blogging again.


  45. Vish

    Oh yeah! You guys are the best!!!


  46. rob1n

    Yeah! Thank you so much, finally a theme that i really really love! You’ve made me really happy!!


  47. Jenna.

    With Emire, if you have a subject that is two lines long (a long subject line) it covers up the date (on Latest Post; not sure about subsequent posts).

    Heads up.


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