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We've now updated our signup for new users so that you can get a account without a blog being created. People have been requesting this quite a bit. This could be useful for a couple of reasons:

  • If you wanted to leave comments on blogs that require sign-in
  • If you read a blog that uses our not-yet-released members-only feature (hint)
  • If you are a writer on an existing blog, but don't want a blog of your own
  • If you just want an API key

I personally think multi-author blogs will benefit most from this. If you get a regular account sans blog and decide you want a blog later, don't worry we'll hold your sub-domain for you.

This is part of how a membership is evolving to be for more than just a blog, which is something we didn't quite anticipate but is a pretty fun development nonetheless.  

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  2. Kevin

    Sweet! I was one of the requesters (requestees?) and appreciate you guys listening. My request stemmed from a need for students to be able to add content to a classroom or teacher’s blog. Very cool.

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  3. unzelblog

    Great Idea, maybe im starting a multi author blog now


  4. Abhijit Nadgouda

    Very cool. It will be convenient for guest writers.


  5. igniteheart



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  7. pasquires

    I could have done with when I signed up for my account, which I only really wanted to leave comments on other blogs with, but I can see a lot of uses for this generally. Cool!

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  8. Jonathan

    Now, is it possible to delete a blog without deleting your account?


  9. Matt

    Jonathan, I think so, but don't ask questions in the comments. Use the feedback form for a definite answer.


  10. MyScribbles: Write-ups of an Afghan

    I liked these two points most:
    1. If you wanted to leave comments on blogs that require sign-in.
    2. If you are a writer on an existing blog, but don’t want a blog of your own.

    I’m not a tech geek, so excuse me: What’s an API Key?

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  11. traya

    Erm…okay…I think…


  12. functional bytes blog Account ohne Blog

    Um das Anti-Spam WP-Plugin Akismet einzusetzen benötigt man einen API-Key von Um an einen Key zu kommen, ist es notwendig einen WordPress-Account anzumelden. Bisher beinhaltete dieser automatisch ein Blog. Ab sofort kann man einen…


  13. Jeremiah

    Good idea, thanks 😀


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  16. markblog

    Very cool!

    Now if i go to a web host (That’ll never happen) i wont have to register a blog to get a API


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  18. Tom

    We just started a multi-author blog and was hoping for something like this! Thanks for all the improvements!


  19. Destiny

    Thanks for the updates, this feature will sure to banefit my friends 😉


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  22. sanyuja

    This will benefit many people. Thanks a bunch.


  23. E@zyVG

    ***If you read a blog that uses our not-yet-released members-only feature (hint)***

    Now this sounds very interesting – my curiousity is all over me!


  24. ychittaranjan

    I’m quite amused (scared?) by your (Hint)….If u mean that in-future you’ll have blogs that can only be rad by members, then i don’t think that it is a gr8 idea! Whatever happened to freedom of expression? why should anyone ‘signup’ just to read a blog? I would’nt like it much when I’ve read the headline of an artcile and clicking on the ‘Read More’ button would ask me to signup before proceeding 😐


  25. Justin

    A friend of mine was wanting to become a writer on my blog but didn’t want a blog of his own. This will totally change that, a much needed feature, great job!


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  27. Me

    Thanks! Just started a blog only recently and wanted to invite a friend to co-write. Raised the question via support and by having this feature already now, it feels that it was done specially for me 😉 Ofcourse this is not the case…but hey… great move!


  28. Ankur

    Some ppl i know were thinking of this thankx wordpress


  29. Luminus

    Really neat. Takes care of a pile of issues. Thanks guys


  30. kashmir

    Wow! This is so cool! No doubt I am in love with WordPress :), even if I don’t understand a lot of the finer lines of blogging!


  31. sterlingcamden

    Even though I could have used this when I signed up for an API key, I made lemons into lemonade and use my hosted site as a free link to my real site. Your product is so good (and its free) that it never occurred to me to complain about this. Keep up the good work.


  32. dr. gonzo

    most excellent. most excellent. keep up the good work. I find more reasons why I migrated from Blogger every day.


  33. ttech5593

    Nice, but I already have the blog but don’t use it. What do I do? Delete the blog? Thanks…


  34. Sonnie

    Cool! I can’t wait as well for your members only feature to be released soon.


  35. Sankar Viruthachalam

    This is great. I can think of restricting the comments only for users now.
    I am also looking forward for the members only feature that was hinted here… 🙂


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  37. Livia

    this is a very cool feature! thanks guys


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  39. Ujwala

    thanks a lot. That’s step one and now I’m off to convince by batchmates to sign up 😛


  40. talkislam

    oh snap, good stuff


  41. JDigital's Segment of the Blogosphere

    Entering the Blogosphere is a convenient way to try out the latest version of WordPress. Sneaky. Right now it’s looking pretty Web 2.0. I don’t really know why you’d want to sign up without a blog, but I’m sure there are reasons for it.


  42. jam1966

    thanks a lot
    good work


  43. sneakatron



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  46. apre le registrazioni anche a coloro che non vogliono aprire un blog

    Ho appena scoperto che da pochi giorni ha aperto le registrazioni di nuovi utenti anche a coloro che non vogliono creare un blog con la nota piattaforma.
    E’ una buona notizia in particolar modo per due motivi:
    1) Potete lasciare un …


  47. blaze

    Excellent work as always. I’m still loving it


  48. Ashish C.

    Thanks for all the great work guys – though none of the features are useful for me I am not alone. There are many people out there who need it. Best blogging service there is online!



    Get Account without a Blog

    If you want to get a account without getting a free WordPress blog, it is possible now. has updated the registration page for you.


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  51. esfera

    Good idea, thanks for this cool feature.
    It’s really good, I hope blog readers would apreciate it!.


  52. Rui Martins

    Thanks a LOT for including the Portuguese in your language list! I keep speaking about the excelence of you service to others portuguese bloggers, and that support is quite important for us, portuguese speakers…


  53. Panda

    That’s pretty cool. WordPress just keeps getting better. Now, if only the themes were customizable…


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