Andreas04 and Thirteen

We’ve been pretty busy updating all our themes to use the nifty new widget system, but today for Theme Friday I rustled up a fantastic theme to bring to you guys.

Andreas04 is from the same designer as Andreas09, but has a little more relaxed feel. It also has two wigetized sidebars, but both on the right. Top-level pages are put into the navigation at the top, which could make for some very cool pages.

Thirteen is an absolutely gorgeous theme from the amazing Beccary. It’s a green theme with lovely flourishes, and of course we’ve updated it to have a dynamic sidebar. Enjoy!
Finally we updated Simpla to fix the sidebar bug that has been plaguing a lot of people.

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  1. .i dream in red.

    nice themes =D


  2. ansel

    I think Andreas04 looks great.


  3. greenlightsabers

    Just tried ’em out, and I must say, they are lookin’ good.


  4. Chrono Cr@cker

    Why do you guys rock so much? IF wordpress keeps getting better at this rate, you won’t have anything to improve soon. 😛

    Andreas04 is fabolous, I’ve just changed to give my blog a new feel. As for the 13, it’s neat in a different sort of way. 😛


  5. Stahn

    Anything by Becca is good. Still using Neat!, anyways.


  6. Bryan

    Thanks for fixing Simpla – yay!


  7. teaegg

    Another bug about Simpla

    Thanks for the sidebar, anyway.:)


  8. rneonoir

    Really appricate the simpla update! Thanks a bunch!


  9. karthiksn

    Huh you guys are the best i always like when you get new themes for wordpress. keep up ye good work


  10. Livia

    Thanks for Simpla!!!


  11. KZKW Nightly

    Yay! Thirteen!

    Thirteen is my all time favorite theme, I just fell in love with it the first time I checked out Beccary’s themes.
    So this if for the people: Thank you!
    My search for a ‘perfect theme’ around here is finally over.


  12. K

    Thirteen look awesome… but I’d still hope that Hemingway Theme gets a little extra widget like “recent comments”. I must say, it’s a very unique easy to use theme.

    Despite of, GREAT WORK!


  13. Dasher

    Any chance of labelling those themes that have widgets enabled and those that don’t?
    A simple (*) would be enough.


  14. arun

    Andreas04 is nice !!


  15. Atholas

    One of the reason why I look forward to Fridays 😀 Kudos to Matt and the team for making all these possible. Loving the Theme Fridays. Rock on!


  16. Neely O'Hara

    Andreas04 is great but found a little bug I think
    With all the other themes u see a “go to previous/next page” at the bottom of ur page. With andreas04 that link is covered with My blog Title & the Theme Name, hope u can fix that or tell me how to fix that, thanx


  17. bullish1974

    *Now contemplating on changing my theme to Simpla*


  18. vjp

    We’ve been pretty busy updating all our themes to use the nifty new widget system

    Any hope that Regulus is going to get updated?


  19. 2012olympiccompetitor

    so the widgets are coming to Regulus soon?


  20. Stephan

    You should have linked Andreas Viklund too (, when you link to the amazing Beccary. But then again, that guy has two themes in here. I am jealous! 🙂 Nice themes they are too!


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  22. Jeroen

    I like Thirteen very much and picked it as my new theme. One thing I like is that the sidebar is on the right, where it belongs according my opinion. The thing I like, but unfortunaly it sits in the way; is the image of that flower in the top-left. I like to have my sidebar-content start at the top, so people don’t have to scroll to much.


  23. jason

    Any chance you can add the K2 theme ( with its nifty AJAX commenting?


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  25. camdenlady

    Thirteen is very elegant – I’ve moved over to it. Love the colour scheme.


  26. Johnny Freedom

    Yes, I like the 04 better than 09.

    I have a fixed picture and text to the right top corner of the blog.

    What I would like to see is that the 04 covered the whole screen and leaved so broad margins on both sides. You can not use the full window in “write” mode, pictures are then published partely outside frame.

    By using full screen themes and more room for fixed pictures and text the better.


  27. taraden

    I’m liking the “thirteen” theme as well, very nice!! 🙂


  28. SteLLaR

    Thirteen is… *speechless*
    Becca you’re great and to WP team you’re the best!!!


  29. debraroby

    Thirteen is a gorgeous theme. Wish it were available with 2 sidebars, though.


  30. culottefolle

    Thirteen is really pretty– when I tried to switch my theme, one of my links categories is “too long”– or thirteen’s column header doesn’t expand to fit. Sadface. It’s pretty.


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