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We’ve just pushed two new widgets live, based on your requests. The first is Recent Posts which, as you may have guessed, shows the most recent posts. This is a great way to drive people who come in to your archives to the latest stuff.

The second is Recent Comments, which was actually the single most requested widget. It shows names and links to the last 5 comments left on your blog.

Be sure to continue to let us know what kind of widgets you’re interested in. We’re looking at adding some more widget configuration in the next iteration.

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  1. TheShortFatKid

    Awesome! maybe a widget that provides a choice between a calendar and text archive.


  2. redforkhippie

    Please please please please please include a widget that lets me display my tagline regardless of which template I am using. The template I like best — Toni — won’t display my tagline. And the other templates I like, which *do* display my tagline — Regulus and Girl in Green — don’t load right on older Macs.


  3. fmatt

    a widget that shows the latest entries from our wordpress friends..
    or a widget that shows us the lastest posts from the feeds we want..


  4. Stephen

    Calendar would be great.


  5. Michael

    Hey I noticed that you added SSL support. Nice!


  6. swartzonmedia

    This is nice, but a search engine that is provided along side recent blogs would be even nicer. Just something that I wish I had.


  7. bullish1974

    yup, a calendar widget would be really, really nice.


  8. kat

    Nice additions, thank you!


  9. pivu

    Any plans, to extend this functionality to other themes?


  10. Livia

    Thanks guys! I would appreciate a calendar widget…

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  11. wrnc

    Recent comments plus recent posts !!! Wow and wow. You guys rule.
    Thanks to whoever implemented that. Major feature, much appreciated


  12. unisyc

    Excellent widgets, guys. A calendar widget would hardly go amiss, too. I like how customisation within skins has increased.


  13. karthiksn

    Matt awesome thanks great I am going to put them on blog right away


  14. Mete

    The calendar, pretty pretty please. That would encourage me to use some those templates that don’t have it…


  15. K

    GREAT! I hope the Hemmingway Theme, since has no sidebard, might as well include the new “recent comment” features.


  16. teaegg

    And the categories are now in alphabetical order, nice.


  17. Gymshoes

    I love the Recent Comments widget, but it’s not available for Regulus even though Regulus has an editable sidebar under the Theme Editor. 😦 Can you add Recent Comments to the sidebar editor for Regulus? From surfing around I know a lot of sites use Regulus. I love the way it can be customized. I’m sure a lot of other Regulus users will want Recent comments, too! 🙂 Thanks!


  18. JV

    I am Regulus user, like Gymshoes, I too want \’ Recent Comment\’.


  19. MadMark

    Calendar Widget for all themes would be very nice! 😀


  20. taraden

    Love the widgets, such a cool feature, and very easy to use. Thank you! 😉


  21. miahz

    Would it be possible to add a note in the description of each theme that says if it\’s Widget-compatible (or has any other options/features, for that matter)? It\’s getting to the point where there\’s too many to check them all out one-by-one.

    Matt mentioned tagging themes in his last post. That would do the trick nicely.


  22. linux

    Cool one!


  23. Brendan

    You need to let some of the older themes use widgets. It\’s a great feature, but alot of the really nice themes don\’t support it!


  24. Stephen

    I agree with Brendan. It would be nice to have widgets enabled on themes such as Pool.


  25. Jason

    I would really like a calendar too 🙂


  26. swiecki

    how about a tag cloud widget??


  27. Raspberry Sour

    I second the request for a widget that lets you leave in your tagline. I can’t use most of the themes precisely because of that.


  28. achristian

    * A spacer would be nice, to place between widgets that are too close.
    * A tag cloud would be nice.
    * I think all widgets should work in all themes.
    * I think RSS feeds should have a recognisable RSS icon! Subscription to my feeds are very important – it’s not easy if you can’t find it.
    * Adsense widget.
    * Email me (the author) widget with email icon

    (PS – Firefox thinks your security certificate is dodgy)


  29. varna

    How about extending the widgets to work with teh green girl theme?! please please


  30. lokesh

    Adsense widget would be a great…I would also like to see RSS feeds widget…


  31. camdenlady

    Great to see the Recent Comments widget, so now I can change from Regulus – many thanks


  32. Jim McKeeth

    I know I can add a picture of myself through links, but it would be nice if there was a widget for an about me box. It could contain a picture and a little text. A lot like how Blogger does it.


  33. Craig Anderson

    I’d love to have Flickr and feed widgets. I’d also like a heirarchical category list widget, too.


  34. 2012olympiccompetitor

    I’m wondering if/when widgets will be added to those themes that don’t currently have them. For example, I rather like the look and feel of my current template, but would like the recent post widget.


  35. sunburntkamel

    flickr,, and Asides would all be very welcome.


  36. ripi$money

    Calendar is something that would be greatly appreciated on some of the other themes.
    A separator would be great, especially since the search boxes generally hug too close to other widgets.

    Other ones I might consider using: Flickr, RSS-roll


  37. The prodigal's son

    I would appreciate the ‘recent widgets’ on the Green Marinee’s theme please.


  38. nortel

    an about me widget and a way to add third-party components such as blogbeat or measuremap.


  39. desimaharaja

    I 100% support a calendar widget!


  40. taraden

    I have noticed that you have added more widget options to the sidebar…(well atleast in the Quentin theme, I’m not too sure about the others) but I just wanted to say thank you very much. 🙂


  41. continium

    Pushing to make THE blogging platafarm to rule them all. Widgets such as these were highly needed. Simple but huge improvement. Keep up the good work!


  42. kopicat

    I’m one of those who must have a calendar, and I always add in the php code for the calendar when I’m running my own wordpress elsewhere, no matter what theme I’m using.


  43. Alejandro

    Too bad that this only works in Windows 😦 (even with Firefox under Debian it won’t work)


  44. Alejandro

    As soon as I say something, the oposite happens. I verified that thing a lot of times and didn’t work. I post here and then it works? LOL


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  46. Koen van der Vlugt

    I would love a widget that lets people get to a random next post! Otherwise, keep it up!


  47. miss cellany

    an about widget would be great and a calendar, of course.
    thank you


  48. Pratik

    Great, thanks. I would like to see something that would allow commentors to subscribe to a post. So, anyone leaving a comment would by informed via email when somebody else comments to that post.


  49. John Rankin

    I agree with Jim McKeeth (post #32)… profile/picture widget for the page would be cool


  50. Lazy Drive

    Regulus does NOT get widgets, again!

    There’s been additions to the widgets feature available and Regulus, my 2nd fav theme, after Hemingway, does not get it even now! I can understand that it might be difficult to ensure that all themes get the same functionalities (eg: Hemingway is…


  51. eneya
  52. K

    Checking on the updates for Hemingway. None so far. But I hope you guys would also consider putting “Top Post Commented”.

    Thanks again.


  53. Khushi

    How about a widget for a Counter which tracks all viewer’s referral addresses and their IP addresses too along with visit information (Date, Time and Duration).


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  58. range

    Tag Cloud would be most appreciated. I enjoy tag cloud for category browsing on a blog (à la I cover a lot of categories, and I find the tag cloud uses up a lot less space than simply listing all of the categories one after the other.


  59. shuihua

    Recent Posts Widget is great,but i cann’t adjust the number of the post entries,it will be always 10 right now. Is there anyway to set it?


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