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We’re doing something a little different this Theme Friday, instead of adding new themes (which we’ve done twice in the past week) we’ve added some functionality to the bulk of the themes on our service, updating dozens.

We’re very proud to introduce WordPress Widgets. Basically what we’ve done is broken down the sidebars in themes into discrete blocks of goodness, and created an interface for you to add, delete, and rearrange them by simply dragging and dropping. It’s as easy as falling off a blog.

The widgets are basic right now, things like search, categories, pages, etc, but we’re going to be adding more based on your requests and we’re opening up an API for anyone to create their own widgets. (It’s as writing a single function and wrapping it in a WordPress plugin.)

What we integrate at this point is going to be entirely driven by you, so be sure to use the feedback link to let us know what you want. You’re free to also blog about what you want or start a thread in the forums, but right now it’s easiest for us to tabulate things sent in via the feedback form in the top-right of your admin section.

In the meantime, if you see a “Sidebar Editor” menu item under the Presentation tab, that means your active theme has sidebar options. (It’s not live for every theme, so try a few different ones out.) Play around with making your blog a little more personal, and rest assured we have more on the way. 🙂

As a final note, this functionality was very much inspired by the updated Hemingway we included a few days ago, so props to Kyle Neath on a great idea and good initial implementation. (Not to mention how awesome Hemingway is.) Our very own Andy came up with the widget framework and adapted most of the current themes.

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  1. bbrown

    Uhh, I tried to drag and drop in Firefox 1.5 and nothing happened.


  2. CarLBanks

    Awesome! This is the first step to customization on WordPress.com!


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  4. K

    I love the Hemmingway, it’s easy and cool. However I hope that you also add “recent comments” on the widgets. Thanks.


  5. bblog

    Making Widgets


  6. Matt

    Fixed the drag and drop error, there was a deploy problem with some of the Javascript.


  7. Stephen

    I think it would be awesome to have a text box widget like in Regulus. It could give a spot to actually describe the blog.


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  9. Abhijit Nadgouda

    This is cool! It would be supercool if we can customize the sidebar per template (index, single, page, …).


  10. slnewkirk


    WOW! Fantastic! This allowed me to add ‘Pages’ to the Quentin theam, the one thing I needed to make it work for me. I would like to see a “recent posts” widget and am looking forward to trying to create my own.

    Thank You,


  11. kneath

    Great to see you’ve added that functionality Matt. This is more than I ever hoped for 🙂


  12. Amit

    that’s pretty cool!! 🙂

    Matt, is this gonna be a part of WPMU as well or will it remain exclusive to WordPress.com?


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  14. Andy

    Dynamic Sidebar is a WPMU plugin at this stage. It will either be adapted as a WP plugin or a core feature if it survives the brutal proving grounds of WordPress.com.


  15. taraden

    Great feature! Thank you so much


  16. 女王

    Can add “Recent Entries” to the widgets functions???


  17. floatykatja

    I’d like to echo K and ask for a ‘recent comments’ widget – that would be great.


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  20. vdovault

    Oooh these are all really useful and they make the Contempt layout just that much more awesome! Thanks guys!


  21. judyk

    Well, darn it, when I try this with Quentin, the calendar disappears. Should that be happening? I got to have my calendar so I’ll stay with Quentin and admire the widgets from afar. Would it be possible to make a calendar a sidebar option in all the themes? That would be awesome.


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  24. wrnc

    awesome !!!

    yes, first step to customization

    longing for “recent comments” widget too



  25. Stahn

    Perfect (though it’s extremely slow in Opera Weekly Builds – Opera problem, of course).

    I suggest one click to drop, not double click.


  26. Stahn

    Oh, and of course, Recent Comments 😛


  27. Michael Emilio Rodriguez

    Now this is what I’m talking about!

    This is why WordPress is lightyears ahead of the “other guys”!


  28. Tildy

    This is so neat! Thank you. Im having the same problem as judyk – I love Quentin, but when I try to add “pages” the calander disappears. Is there any way we can keep it? In any case, very nice work!


  29. russellreno

    Thanks, great feature.


  30. Jack

    Whoa – I just changed my theme and tried to insert a search function widget. I lost my entire sidebar. Damn!


  31. eric

    THANK YOU!!!!1!!!

    i’m so glad white as milk is customizable, but what about simpla? will you add the ability to all the current themes? that would be RAD


  32. karthiksn

    AAhh nice job atlast some customizations but I would also like recent posts widget also It works in WP-Andreas09 theme


  33. arun

    nice work !!
    thanx a lot 🙂
    It would be nice to have “Latest Posts” and “Recent Comments” widgets too !!


  34. Andy

    Quentin’s calendar is back as a widget!


  35. stabani

    please make this into a standard feature on wordpress (regular download wordpress) or atleast provide the code to make it work, cause that would be awesome!


  36. sukhi

    Slightly unrelated, but as you mentioned hemingway, I’m gonna put it up here.
    Could we have the “META” thingy operational for all themes? I love the hemingway theme, but I have to remember the login-page’s addy everytime I need to login!


  37. judyk

    Thanks, Andy, but I cannot locate the calendar widget for Quentin.


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  39. linux

    This is nice feature, which I really missed when started blogging. At the moment, with the current theme that I am using, is not that much required.

    But as in added feature …. this is great.
    Is it possible somehow to have a widget where we can add extra HTML codes so that we can have added feedbacks/pings for servives such as blog clicker, technocrati … hope u understand what I mean.

    All in all, thanks.


  40. K

    On Hemmingway Theme:

    Sukhi, I’ve noticed that too. No “Log-in” (META links) included on Hemmingway template. I had to put it myself manually somewhere in my LINK page. I want to point out that the RSS for entries & comments doesn’t give a correct feeds. Also, I’ve noticed, I can’t use javascripts, iframes & video codes in our posts, is that restricted?

    Overall, Hemmingway is a nice theme, you can choose white or black and it looks different from a normal theme.


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  42. Aditya

    can we get a version of quentin where we can adjust fonts to a lower size; or a version of connections with the sidebar in place?


  43. Aditya

    it would also be nice to get an option to alter Hemmingway, such that you get a page structure like:

    post categories calendar
    post archives about


  44. judyk

    Can you add the option of a calendar to each theme?


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  46. thenaked

    – “recent comments” for Hemingway would be much appreciated.
    – also….for Hemingway, How can we adjust the three bottom sidebars to 2 sidebars (i.e. one big sidebar and one smaller sidebar at the bottom)?


  47. capgirl

    1) Recent comments.

    2) latest posts.

    3) Flickr Zeitgeist.


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  49. kc2ped

    I tried the widgets on any number of themes and I end up with huge headings all over the page. The only thing that looks as it should is the content.


  50. nick

    I think it would be cool to have a widget that creates a list of the ten or so most recent links found in the body text of the blog.


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  53. Munchkin's FirstMom

    When are the other layouts getting this opportunity?


  54. Jon

    I’d also like to see widget support added to Simpla.


  55. mywallet

    an adsense widget would be great


  56. Brotherhood of the Bean

    Just wanted to say thank you for the continued improvements you are making!


  57. Ballpark Frank

    This is a great move towards additional customization! I like it.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a widgets for:
    1.) contextual advertising (Yahoo Publisher Network, Google Adsense, etc.)
    2.) coComments
    3.) Flickr photos
    4.) Recent entries
    5.) a blog tagcloud

    I look forward to the additional functionality.


  58. RickOT

    Wow, this is awesome!

    I would like to see this implemented in the wordpress core eventually, so that it can be used like the regular template tags.

    Great Work!

    ps: is this official?


  59. eneya

    Only one thing.
    Why always post the full post, but not just a part of it, like the Hemmingway? I’m sure that lot of the bloggers have the same problem. The blog just doesn’t look nice… just boring.
    Or maybe the problem is just in me…
    Can’t you do anything about this… please?


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  61. 4null4

    are there any plans to add the widgets functionality to the downloadable standard wordpress package? if yes, when it’d be available?


  62. spudi

    Ohh man hope this comes in the next release of wordpress.org


  63. Matt

    We’re going to make it a plugin for WordPress.


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  66. dfjones

    This is truly awesome. Can’t wait for the plugin to be rleased – will it work for wpmu?


  67. Vineet Reynolds

    Awesome and many thanks.


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  69. Michael Heilemann

    We’re going to make it a plugin for WordPress.

    Any plan on when this might see the light of day?


  70. naked

    Definitely interested in seeing this as a wordpress plugin!

    Good work.


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  86. mittineague

    For those that like valid CSS the widgets.php file’s widget_rss_head function should be edited
    function widget_rss_head() {
    a.rsswidget{display:inline !important;}a.rsswidget img{background: #FFA500;color: #FFFFFF;}


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  89. Lauraflip



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