Jentri and Treba

Aw heck, why not? We weren’t planning to do any themes this Friday, but the Simpla theme we introduced a few days ago has been a huge hit and Phu’s Theme a Day series has continued with some really top-notch stuff.

I just added two more, Tremba and Jentri. Both are highly classy, and a good choice to check out if you enjoy the well-designed look. Of course both feature our new dynamic sidebar widget goodness, so play away. 🙂

As always, find them under your presentation section.

As a sidenote, we’re probably going to have to start dividing up the theme page soon, as we’re starting to get quite a few on there. Perhaps theme tags will help people narrow down what theywant, or some sort of quick browser.

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  1. satdharm

    Awsome! Thanks ji, all of you’ve been really busy this week. Keep up the good work.


  2. Neeraj

    Thanks a ton Matt & people.


  3. teen

    Just one thing. Even adter logging in the navigation bar doesn’t show in Tremba.


  4. Sukhbir



  5. If Else

    Thanks Matt. I’m glad everyone liked the themes:)


  6. camdenlady

    Jentri – very elegant, but the tag line on my heading (which is quite long) overflows from the white background block into the dark red, so looks a bit messy.
    Treba – also elegant, and works well. One of my photos has disappeared.

    Neither have a recent posts facility, but both good templates.


  7. anonymuis

    the Jentri theme has error, I meant, I think you’re the one who have to look at the codes because when I switched to another theme I still saw [still I see] the blue bar on the top of the page that appears whenever someone logged in, I logged in but when I changed the theme to Jentri I didn’t see blue bar on the top, it appeared right after I switched it to another theme. And I don’t have html mistakes on my posts.


  8. Ben

    Thanks to the general kindness and hard work that’s displayed I’m not sure that many people care anymore that they can’t edit the css directly.

    Gratias tibi ago, Matt et al.


  9. danielcm

    Great stuff dudes


  10. bd

    Awesome! You guys are so generous! 😀


  11. Matt

    Sorry about the admin bar problem, it should be fixed now.


  12. Stahn

    The Treba theme looks bad on Windows… uses too small fonts after the first displayed post.


  13. ansel

    Ditto what Stahn said.

    Could we haven a text size option for some of the clean minimalist themes (eg. Simpla, White as Milk, etc.)? Small, medium, and large would be nice. It would just increase or decrease the font size for all the text.

    Thanks for the new themes, keep ’em coming!


  14. Carlo

    Jentri is fantastic!! Thanks a bunch, Matt and Phu Ly and the whole team!! An option to set font-size would be super, as ansel and Stahn said 🙂

    Thanks yet again!! You guys ROCK!


  15. madtypist

    Both of the themes are great. Thank you so much for adding us more theme choices!

    I would also second the request for asking for different text sizes (small, medium, and large) would be great. Poor eyesight 😦 so I tend to prefer the larger type.

    Thanks! Keep up the great work!


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  17. derelict

    Great job. Your hard work is mucho appreciated.


  18. Rishi

    Phu Ly is my idol.


  19. unclemark

    Your work makes life just a little easier for all!
    Thank God for folks like you!


  20. Matt

    Test comment.


  21. swartzonmedia

    I like it…very simply yet classie…


  22. ruberad

    If you’re going to break up and categorize the themes, I think some categories that would be useful:

    pictures / no-pictures



  23. ruberad

    As for the text size option request from many above, it would be REALLY nice if it could be user-selectable, i.e. have sm/med/lg links in the Meta area so each reader can dynamically view


  24. jvendryes

    More themes 🙂


  25. fireweaver

    a second on what ruberad says: organize by features, great idea! also, as per usual, here’s my request to have a theme you can add the pic of your choice to as part of the header. ideally, a drag & drop template, as in, a window of fixed size “captures” the desired part of a pic, making it a standard pixel size to drop into the selected theme. more themes always rock, thanks much!


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