Simpla and Dusk

I know we just did new themes a few days ago, but I just found two new ones that I thought you guys would dig and I just couldn’t wait until Friday. 🙂

The first is Simpla, which is part of Phu’s Theme a Day project. It’s a very clean white theme with great typography, it reminds me of Dunstan’s blog.

The second is a theme from the inimitable Beccary. Called Dusk, this new theme is dark but elegant with nice flourishes throughout.

Hope you guys enjoy this mid-week theme interlude. Stay tuned for more features coming online soon.

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  1. The I'mPerfect Mom

    Loveee them!


  2. talkislam

    wow, there both just awesome


  3. kanuj 'dice' bhatnagar

    Fantastic stuff, guys! Keep it up.


  4. Neeraj

    Simpla is the best theme I have seen after Quentin & Regulus. Thanks a bunch guys.


  5. Sukhbir

    Simpla is indeed very good…


  6. teen

    Wow thanks for these cool themes.


  7. teen

    Simpla is just amazing.


  8. Michael

    Thanks you guys! I love Simpla!


  9. nina

    I was going to go back to Connections, because even though Girl in Green was uber cute, it still tinted my photos with green, but Simpla is simply beautiful 🙂 Thank you WP theme peoples 😀


  10. Ethan

    Simpla is pure brilliance.


  11. haydeé

    The side bar of Simpla gets stuck at the bottom of the
    page instead of at the top. It is what it’s supposed
    to look?


  12. takoradi

    If Simpla could show the archives it would be perfect.
    It’s very, very nice.


  13. drhaisook

    Dusk is great! I’ve always wanted to have it in WP!
    Please keep it and don’t remove it!


  14. teen

    Simpla is bugged. In Firefox and Flock the sidebar appears at the bottom right side.


  15. bd

    Simpla is the best theme ever! (After kubrick that is)


  16. gaminghobo

    Nice themes but I promised myself I would stop changing them around! Does this mean there won’t be new ones on Friday?


  17. Chrono Cr@cker

    I’m in love…. *Dusk will you marry me*. Well, I’ve switched to Dusk now. Simpla is quite simple but Dusk dusks me!!!

    Thanks guys!


  18. teaegg

    I like Simpla, but my sidebar falls to the bottom of the page (only in Firefox).


  19. Gavin

    That’s why WordPress is the Best Blog Host !!


  20. Falak

    BOth are super cool and awesome! 🙂


  21. James

    Dusk. Rocks.
    It’s deep blue and black, and it has little squiggles at the top. It’s the first theme since Blix that I really, really like. Thank you!


  22. mousefinger

    Wow! Now these two are jsut great. I love Dusk! Thank you!


  23. madtypist

    I like both themes a lot but it would be nice if we could adjust the text size on dusk – make it a little bigger – or if the grey text on Simpla could be a little darker, more black.

    But both are lovely. Thank you!


  24. camdenlady

    Both beautifully elegant

    It would be good to have ‘recent posts’ though – that’s why I’m still with regulus 2. The ability to customise the sidebar a little is very useful


  25. TheShortFatKid

    I love simpla!


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  27. Daddy Brown

    Nice! Always good to have more options.


  28. poerner

    Hi Matt!

    If you’re looking for new themes for you should definitely have a look at Fredrik Fahlstad’s site. He has produced some really neat and professional looking WP themes.

    Look at


    P.S.: I love the new Hemingway theme!


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  30. Michael Emilio Rodriguez

    VERY nice!!!


  31. .i dream in red.

    cool themes! =D


  32. Leslie

    I adore Simpla. I was just admiring it a couple of days ago, and thought it would be an excellent theme for It would be nice to have Recent Posts added to the sidebar, along with a few color/font choices. Thanks!


  33. teen

    I have an idea for Simpla. Why not allow users to pick the background color and font color?


  34. iconoclast

    Excellent. Keep them coming. Thanks!


  35. miranoriel

    I love Dusk! It’s perfect! I’d like to ask, though if there could be a Breast Cancer Awareness theme, or at least one that will allow me to have a pink ribbon somewhere? Thanks for the great improvements, WP! 🙂


  36. barbedwire

    Simpla is great – but apparently not cross-browser compatible (i.e. not optimised for FireFox). Any chance of a revision, please?


  37. Livia

    I love Simpla, but the sidebar doesnt work with my Foxy browser 😛


  38. Jimmy

    Simpla is just great. Loved the simple design. If only we can choose the colours. heh heh 🙂


  39. Andrea

    I like Simpla lot. Now Simpla with three columns that you can customize…I’d have to give that one a go.


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  41. dalton

    Ug…simpla…buggy sidebar. probably shouldn’t be part of until the developer fixes it


  42. takoradi

    Simpla & the sidebar… I’ve found a pretty modification of the theme called Simplo.
    Those sidebar is more functional and probably error free… 🙂


  43. Kenn Hermann

    I like the clean, minimalist elegance of Simpla. I’m not wild about the green titles, but . . . . What I cannot figure out is why the category sidebar will not display properly at the top of the screen in IE. It happens on both my pc and laptop. It displays properly in Firefox. Anyone else have that problem? Corrections?


  44. swartzonmedia

    Very clean cut…I like it.


  45. grabbag

    Has anyone heard of a fix for the sidebar in Simpla? I really like the theme but I think that I am going to change to something else because of the sidebar issue.


  46. pivu

    any news on this sidebar bug in Simpla???


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