Girl in Green, Quentin, and Hemingway

Some new themes for you guys to play with.

Girl in Green is pretty much what you would expect from the title — it’s green and it has a girl. It’s a pretty visually distinctive theme that I think will be a good fit for some of the more journal-style blogs I’ve seen around here.

Quentin is a dignified, old-style theme with big fonts and clear typography. This theme was added by popular request.

Finally, we have a very exciting update to Hemingway. The new version allows you to choose from two colors, White and Black (with more on the way), and to re-arrange the “blocks” in the bottom bar. This is experimental new functionality, so try it out and let us know what you think.

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  1. charlz

    I’m trying out Hemingway and it’s quite cool. I hope there can be more blocks like “recent comments”. By the way, the links of a post get disabled on the main page…Is this intended?


  2. karthiksn

    Okay now i really love the Girl in Green Theme but it is totaly Journal style which wont suit my blog maybe my friends may like it.
    Great work Matt


  3. தமிழன?

    Thanks guys! Somehow Hemingway is too out of the ordinary for me to try out. Am too attached to the older style layouts with one post below the other I guess. Quentin is cool though.. Thanks again!


  4. blaze

    Thanks again guys keep it up.


  5. calupict

    Thanks. I’ll try “Girl in Green” now.


  6. Chrono Cr@cker

    Personally I feel that Girl in Green sucks.. As for Hemingway, I’m not really a fan of cutting posts. But Quentin is great, simply great. I get the great egyptian papyrus feel! Ofcourse, the only problem is that sub-categories appear way too big Quentin (A Bug or something??).

    Cheers and keep it guys!


  7. slnewkirk

    Quentin is good, may work for my Blog. But no pages?


  8. Sushant

    Five Stars to Quentin 🙂


  9. Livia

    I like Quentin, even if characters look to big. But I’ll keep on using Contempt 🙂 Thanks


  10. kat

    Wow, good stuff, didn’t expect them to come this soon! Loving the new Hemingway.


  11. Carlo

    As Chrono Cr@cker have said it, Quentin’s sub-categories seems a bit too big? At first I thought that was a cloud-tag kind of feature, where the most post under a category gets a bigger font..

    But still, excellent addition overall, thanks a bunch Matt, and of course the theme developers! 😀


  12. sukhi

    Wow, I had just complained yesterday about there being the absence of a blogroll on hemingway! And today its out there! Great news!


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  14. nina

    Love the Girl in Green, thank you very muchly for that. But it does add a green tint to my photos…..


  15. Sukhbir

    Why is that all the good themes don’t have toolbars to show the pages?


  16. coolio

    I don’t like the Girl in Green theme, maybe it will look better without the girl. I really like if we can edit themes to give some touch. Quentin, it’s cool. 🙂 Thanks again.


  17. drhaisook

    White Hemingway is not bad…


  18. .i dream in red.

    nice choices!


  19. Michael

    Who are these mysterious girls I see in “Green in Girl” and “Fresh Bananas”? I demand to know. lol


  20. kill your tv

    Congratulations on this big improvement for Hemingway. However there is still some way to go before it reaches fruition. For example, it would be really good to be able to alter the number of recent posts listed in the block and to allow personal entry of the html tags allowed in the main posts e.g. () etc.


  21. puny

    I love quentin. I was waiting for something like that, but where are the other pages?


  22. talkislam

    awesome, thanks for the update on hemingway


  23. The I'mPerfect Mom

    Girl in Green is a little out of proportion and yes, Quentin has fonts which are too big. Hemingway looks slightly better, but the same at a glance.

    something that looks a little more ‘busy’ perhaps?


  24. mousefinger

    Woof…I guess I’m in the minority here, and I guess if I have nothing nice to say about these themes, I shouldn’t say it. It’s a free service after all. I do hope we don’t see many more like these three though.


  25. figaro

    Thanks for those new themes… Thought I’d like to see something more mediaval, eventually, Quentin is the one for me


  26. bombie

    Thanks a lot! Hemingway is much better now. I couldn’t use it before because my “about” page in the lower left corner is too wide and the “recent posts” would overlap with it.

    Now the only problem is the limited view of the actual posts. When someone goes to a blog, the first thing he does is browse through the posts to see if anything interests him. So hiding most of the blogs will only turn people away.

    Is it possible to allocate a bigger upper section for the blogs, and use a embedded scroll bar for just that section, so that posts can be arranged one on top of another just like normal blogs, and the scroll bar can be used to scroll down in that section to see all the posts?


  27. camdenlady

    sorry, don’t do much for me. Girl in Green (which sounded like it would be ideal) is very difficult to read with grey font on grey. Quentin is nice, but as mentioned, the font size for categories is odd. And Hemingway just not me.

    sorry – very negative I know. Think I’ll stick with Regulus for now.


  28. Brendan

    Nice. I like the new version of Hemingway, though I don’t think the Bottomblocks with the gray background is very consistent on the white version. And the black version still has hard to read parts. (primarily the post’s timestamp, comments link, and everything else below the post.) I also think Hemingway needs more room for posts.


  29. Carol

    I loved Quentin but lost my pages. I’d like to see a version of it that could include pages too.


  30. twotalents

    Quentin has no page options and no way to login from the site itself. I like the look though.

    I would love to see a theme that had all of the following:
    * Search
    * link category option
    * site admin login
    * calendar
    * posts list categories and comment link, as well as posted date & time which link to post-specific URL
    * buttons to increase or decrease the text size

    I realize changing text size can alter the appearance, but some of the theme’s default font sizes are too small. I’m only 39 but I sometimes have trouble reading them. Those who struggle worse than me can simply increase text size with an easy, functional button on the page.


  31. The I'mPerfect Mom

    OMG the new themes Dusk and Simpla are simply delicious!


  32. distilled

    Been waiting for the update on Hemingway.. it definitely rocks. Thanks!


  33. madtypist

    I just wanted to second the request for having pages with Quentin. I like the big typeface of Quentin and the relatively clean look, but I just wish I could keep my pages with this theme.


  34. taraden

    I too like the look of Quentin, nice colours, but as said above I’m not liking the no page options


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  36. taraden

    Ahh…I jsu realized that there is a sidebar configuration on Quentin, so that you can display your pages, and also re-arrange things the way you want. very cool! Is this new? (i never noticed it before), the only problem I see with it now is that when you customize the sidebar the calendar disappears, which is a little sad cause it wa such a nice feature!
    Cheers boys!


  37. taraden

    ** I would assume that would be a widget? LOL! Thanks guys, but do look into the calendar thingy if possible!


  38. taraden

    I see that you fixed the calendar option in the widgets for Quentin! All I can say is you guys rock! Thank you so much!


  39. thenaked

    I LOVE Hemingway!!!!!


  40. econometrics

    Hemingway is cool. but please give us a chance to use it as single column, I’m not comfortable with its current two columns style


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