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[Note: This only applies to, not regular]

The team here is often so heads-down in the whole making-blogging-better we often miss internet trends like the best blonde joke ever or this video site called YouTube. I still don’t get the blonde joke (I was blonde when I was younger) but YouTube I understand: it seems to be a site for people posting videos of themself singing N*Sync songs. Here’s an example:

Now for various reasons, mostly related to your security, we don’t allow people to post arbitrary code in their blogs. Unfortunately this has the side-effect of blocking some cool stuff like YouTube. However as a test we’re enabling a special way for you to embed things like YouTube without having to mess around with any code.

Follow closely: I found the video above on this page. To embed it in the post all I had to do was copy and paste the URL I just linked and then paste it into the post with special formatting, like this:

[ youtube=]

Try it yourself, copy and paste the above into your blog and see what happens. Now browse to another video on YouTube and copy and paste the link as above and paste it in your blog. If this goes well, we’ll be adding support for more and more services using a similar syntax.
Two features in one night? This feels good.

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  1. akhater

    Well guys what you are doing is really coold thanks for all those features, I’m still missing one, the ablity to put one of my own pictures as the header of my Blog


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  3. CarLBanks

    Will Google Video support also be coming?


  4. Marc

    Two features in one night? One that will help many hundreds if not thousands to import to WP. And one that will satisfy what, maybe 10% of all those that have signed up to

    To each his own I guess.


  5. Amit

    Matt, wouldn’t it be better if this plugin, Extreme Video Plugin, can be made available, it lets you support not only YouTube videos but also the videos on Google and videos hosted anywhere else, like at the!!


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  7. stealbelow



  8. drmike

    So Matt, where’s your video? 🙂


  9. toaf

    I think i love you guys! and that video is soo funny!


  10. Sinn

    I must be too old. I don’t get the You Tube thing. I mean I get how it works but don’t understand why anyone would want to watch it.


  11. anonymuis

    you guys rock!


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  13. Amit

    YouTube is a service that lets people share their own videos, so if you shot some funny video or a family movie & want to share it with the world, you can do so at YouTube, without having to pay anything for hosting your videos & the people can watch it for free as well!! 🙂


  14. Tina

    This is awesome! Thanks guys 😛
    And do you want me to explain the greatest blonde joke??


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  16. drmike

    Me too. It’s these young kids today. They all think they can be TV stars. 🙂


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  18. julor

    this is just fantastic (vive wordpress!) i will try it on the week end. some short videos from great canadian fun to put up on the blog.

    Thanks guys


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  21. towa

    Thanks for the support to YouTube’s embedded video: a long awaited improvement.
    It works no problem for me.

    As a next service to support, I would suggest
    Their embeddable slideshows and easy no-sign-in uploads makes it a great tool for the bloggers.

    P.S. In response to
    > Dr. Mike’s Blog
    > […] The link only works if you’re logged into

    I think you mean that the link only works if the video on YouTube is PUBLIC. If the video is private, than you need to sign in into YouTube (and not WordPress), otherwise nothing will be shown in your wordpress post.


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  26. censored

    Fantastic! I was wondering why I couldn’t post a video onto my page, but thanks to you, I now can : )
    Cheers for that 😀


  27. Dinesh

    How about support for Google Videos?


  28. Gymshoes

    Well, this is great for putting other people’s video on a site, though I don’t know anyone who’d be interested in that. All the bloggers I know (including ME) want to embed their own video—and this doesn’t work for that. I’ve got video on my server I want to embed in my blog here…and there still isn’t a way to do this. 😦


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  31. Emily

    I love the direction you guys are heading here! This is brilliant stuff — allowing people to use a special syntax to include designated ‘safe code’ while still blocking arbitrary code for security purposes.

    I hope you’ll create a similar syntax for inclusion of adsense ads (just specify your publisher id, channel, and ad layout choice?)

    Keep up the fabulous work!!! And thanks for the heads-up on YouTube — I myself have been so buried in my own stuff that I hadn’t yet heard of it – although I agree with other commenters that it would be better to find a way to embed a broader range of videos on one’s blog and that adding support for Google Videos would be a great start (and probably more widely appreciated than the YouTube support)


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  34. thegreentrilby


    And, yes, Google Videos must be next!


  35. pommekelly

    😉 😀 Oooh! We do the exact same thing, check out our blog! 😀 😉


  36. meic

    Love this feature!


  37. laang

    Besides video, maybe we’ll be able to post photos to our blogs too? like support for Flickr? Great work you guys!


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  39. amadeo

    Hey Matt!

    You Tube is hella cool. I’ve met some of the guys who work there, and they seem to be onto something big wi this one.

    It seems there are a lot of comments/requests to allow other plugins/Web 2.0-ish features. How about something to compliment You Tube Video’s, like BlueO2? BlueO2 let’s artists broadcast and sell their music in multiple locations through an embedded flash player. Not at all unlike You Tube, but for musicians.

    I’m a independant musician and I’d like to embed my music in my blog. What do you think?


  40. eyko

    This is fantastic, good job dude. Plus, you made it simple as taking a poo 😉


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  44. Livia

    So cool! thanks guys


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  46. Brandon

    wow this is the hardest thing to track down. finally… finally…


  47. coelomic

    Thank you.


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  51. vedjen

    Okay, I must be missing something here.

    I have copied and pasted the code

    into my site, but all that displays is the code. On the other hand, I can paste the code provided by youtube directly onto a page and it will display.

    What am I doing wrong with the wordpress provided code?


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  54. radvanfortuyn

    Thanks for the advice. It works fine with me


  55. Guillermo Izarnótegui Lay y

    Como era de esperarse, nuestro amigo Nauta no se iba a quedar tranquilo hasta poder insertar un video de en un blog alojado en Y lo logró!!
    Efectivamente. Al parecer los mismos de habían implemenat…


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  57. vikers

    tankssssssss veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tankssssss good my blog


  58. armartinell

    Awesome feature, Cheers


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  61. William

    Just amazing. You know, for all the necessary code restrictions, I have to say I have an incredible, professional looking and functional blog with all the things I need. I’m really loving this.


  62. pro4square

    Good job fellas, Good Job!!


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  68. shiroko

    It WORKS!! Thank you sooo much!!


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  74. designbeauty

    Nice!! I has been searching the using way Youtube in WordPress. Thanks


  75. roundballfootball

    good stuff. was playing around with stuff for ages until i found this page and how to do it. gracias.


  76. aabiransabeel



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  83. mutiny

    Wow! Thank you. I didn’t get the blonde joke either 🙂


  84. taro

    Well I’m off to write my last Live Journal post and point everyone over here. I’ve hardly used Word Press as it hasn’t really offered me anything else but now you have a clear advantage. Now I just need to hunt around and see what else I can do, it’s be nice to display a few feeds from Flickr and delicious


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  87. timothydiokno

    why go to the trouble of puting special formatting shinanigans? YouTube provided the embeddable code and that’s it! It took me for about half a minute before I dicovered the “special shinanigans”!!!


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  91. lenso


    you have to delete the space…
    not good :
    [ youtube=]



  92. euphonies

    Is there any way we can implement this feature for videos as well?


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  94. aj2r

    Yes i can insert youtube videos in my blog, but i lost de xhtml valid blog.


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