Theme Friday: Four New

Theme Friday is a little bit late this week, but to make up for it we have not one but four new themes for your to check out. The first is called “Contempt” and it’s a very clean and professional theme that feels a little business-like. Next up we have “Sapphire” which is very Default-like but with a lot more color, and to me it feels a little bit like Apple OS X. “Banana Smoothie” is a homey and playful theme in a beige-yellow and of course a banana graphic. Finally “Silver is the New Black” is an old favorite of tech sites with its flexible-width two-column white and grey design.

Stay tuned next week for a few more themes well-suited for personal sites or journals. We’ll also continue to look for “dark” themes as that has been a frequent request. As always, theme requests are welcome in the comments.

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  1. Mark

    Contempt would be my favourite if it had a Search box.


  2. Amit

    Very Cool!! 🙂


  3. Jesús

    I am not able to chose Silver is the New Black 😦


  4. Marcelo

    How about a three columns theme?


  5. Photo Steve

    Theme Fri-, uh, Monday

    Those sneaky little admin devils better known as Matt, Donncha, and…that other admin’s name that I can never remember (sorry!), quietly added a few more themes for us users. Go hit your dashboard, click on the Presentations ta…


  6. brennan

    Hail Matt! Let the themes come a-marching in! 🙂


  7. Jope

    Since you ask… 🙂

    How about an Ocadia-like theme, with the ability to change the color and with a ‘recent posts’ box on the right side…


  8. CarLBanks

    Wow! You guys rock! I didn’t expect to see these many new themes!


  9. James

    First post!
    Hey, these are nice. Thanks!


  10. Rakesh Kumar

    Thanks Matt


  11. Sadish

    If self advertisement is not allowed, then delete this comment 🙂

    I suggest ShadedGrey from


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  13. bordo

    yeah, go boys go! i’d like to see dark boodish red.


  14. Leslie

    I personally adore Nao’s Orange Sky.


  15. Jesús
  16. Vish

    I’m very impressed! (As usual…)


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  18. P. A. Monteiro

    Good stuff, but I’m waiting for the dark themes. I like the Silver Is The New Black theme, because it uses the entire page. The fonts are one size smaller than I’d like. Otherwise, it’s pretty good.

    PS: You guys rock.


  19. calupict

    I love that Banana but I’ll try sapphire.


  20. peteremcc

    Perhaps for next week we can get more options on the current themes instead of some new ones… I think just a few simple options could make lots of the current themes great, then concentrate on adding new ones.

    Thanks anyway tho 🙂



  21. richie

    There may be a bug on the theme “Silver is the New Black 1.0” with a large picture appearance.

    you can visit my blog to see it :


  22. takoradi

    Sapphire is to be seen marvelous.
    That’s my favourite. 🙂


  23. Jaya

    I agree with Peter on having more options with the existing themes. But that does not seem to be the demand of crowd out here.

    Just one small thing – why do some of the nice themes invariably miss the search box? 😦 e. g. “Silver is the New Black”, “Contempt”, “Toni”. I really liked Comtempt except for the (lack of) search box.


  24. linux

    Thanks a lot …. I really love one of the new ones and it suits my blog (I think) 🙂


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  26. Matt

    The image problem should be fixed now.


  27. anonymuis

    thank you for releasing Banana Smoothie, the theme which i’ve already been wanting to use since I didn’t find the newer version yet (the last version was only for WP 1.2) so thank you thank you 1000x times!


  28. Sri

    banana smoothies is great,whcich is what made me chose wordpress from blogger yesterday.But im waiting to use Fauna when it comes out of Beta.


  29. vagaideia

    I’d love to see Fauna Beta 2 here on
    And K2. And The Uneasy Silence. And a sidebar editor 😉
    And that you keep up the great job you’re doing 🙂


  30. Stephen

    I agree with Peter and Jaya. More options would be most good.


  31. takoradi

    Is this a bug in the Sapphire Theme?
    The user is not indicated after the date of the entry in “Posted January 24th, 2006 by ????”.


  32. sora

    I love “Sapphire” — it looks good on my iBook. Thanks Matt.


  33. karthiksn

    New themes are good though none do suit my need as much as regulus does though i did like banana smoothie waiting for some kool dark themes(not very dark though)


  34. Mom

    Jope wrote:

    “How about an Ocadia-like theme, with the ability to change the color and with a ‘recent posts’ box on the right side…”

    Hey, I agree. Since we might possibly be tweaking Ocadia, can the categories list alphabetically too? And can the archives be at the bottom of the sidebar instead of so close to the top? I agree with the other commenter, that a few tweaks (alpha categories, search box, archives at the bottom) would make all of the current themes usable.

    And if you are asking for comments, there are an awful lot of green and blue themes. Can we branch out a little into say, some deep browns, maybe with a little turquoise or plum, and maybe a few more with a feminine feel to them for the ladies?

    Thank you WordPress!


  35. dabia

    Sapphire looks very nice, thanks.


  36. VxJasonxV

    Silver is the new Black is nice, I used it back in the day (1.2.x… god)

    I don’t like the mouseover on header effect though…


  37. taraden

    Thanks for the new themes. I do agree that more options would be a good thing, (and yes, i know that you’re “workin on it”!) keep up the good work!


  38. techygurl

    Can I suggest a theme to be added if possible?
    I really love the Solipsus theme.


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  40. kralka

    And I thank you too.


  41. iacolare

    Very nice themes! I was wondering whether it would be possible for you, dear admins, to add some features to Benevolence 1.0 theme… such as a command to add new pages and a tagline… that would be great!


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