What’s your language?

No, it’s not a bad pickup line — it’s the hot new question WordPress.com is asking you. We’ve been amazed with the international pickup of WordPress.com, and we want to enable some more features for those users.

As a first step were letting people self-classify the primary language of their blog. So for example if you blog mostly in Chinese, you would choose that as your blog’s primary language.

You can set your blog’s primary language under Options in your blog admin. We’re also collecting this data from new signups.

In the future we’ll use this data to create unique top blog lists, top posts lists, tag clouds, and more on a per-language basis.

In the future we’ll investigate different language forums, and actual translation of WordPress.com and the backend interface. All in good time. 🙂

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  1. The Press

    Wow, when I was making coffee just now I was thinking there should be an option where you specify the language of your blog, just like you do in a regular HTML-document. I sit down at my computer, go to wordpress.com and BAM, there it is. Great!


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  3. M. Liang Liu

    it was GREAT!


  4. shadow

    WordPress is awesome!

    Thank you for providing such a wonderful product and service.

    I blog primarily in English but I would love to be able to post in Chinese, since I am trying to teach it to myself.

    Thanks again and keep up the Great Work!


  5. Arturo Goga

    It’d be awesome if you do some pings to known spanish blog directories, such as bitacoras.net, and blogalaxia.


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  7. Hydonsingore

    Thanks for these useful options. However the blogging language I use, H?-ló-oē(also called Taiwanese, a varient of Min-nan), is not included.



  8. Hydonsingore

    Thanks for these useful options. However my blogging language “H?-ló-oē”(Taiwanese), a variant of Min-nan(Bân-lâm-gú), is not included in the list.


  9. karthiksn

    Very great news now the only thing is though i dont post stuff in my language can i still keep that as my primary language i mostly post in English


  10. Dan

    As a multi-lingual person, no doubt being able to blog in a few languages would be of great benefit to me.

    Keep up the good work folks.


  11. queen of imperfection

    Please add “Vietnamese” as one of the language, pretty please!!!


  12. disconnected

    Perfect thanks very much for el Hellenic Support Mat Respect.


  13. guhao

    Great work.
    Expecting it for a long time.


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  15. gamin

    That’s great. I don’t know where I can find a list of Spanish blogs on WordPress though.


  16. Sue

    i blog in english, but it’d be nice to use korean.


  17. pewkee



  18. xone



  19. 59ideas

    This is a great idea. 🙂


  20. wansion

    This blog is great ,my prime language is chinese ,but if you can provide chinese ,that is wonderful.

    thanks a lot.


  21. julor



  22. chenyufei

    Really great!

    My primary language is Chinese. Though I have no problem using this blog in English, it will be great if I can see the familiar Chinese characters.

    Good job and thanks!!


  23. Marcelo

    Excellent! In the meantime, as I was not able to adapt my template to Hebrew here, I started translating and adapting (inversing right and left contents) a template in blogspot first (www.shiatsuhebrew.blospot.com), but as I prefer WordPress by far I am translating and converting to rtl rational (you pick first what is at your right) a blog in blogsome (http://shiatsuhebrew.blogsome.com/). If you allow the possibility to work in different languages here, including rtl languages, I’ll be here, no doubt, and I guess I won’t be the only one! It would also allow for different language communities to co-exist under one roof and interact at a meta level. It will be awesome!


  24. nemyrych

    If you need my help, I am ready to start translating WordPress into Ukrainian. 🙂


  25. pizdets

    Cool! Can help with Russian, if you want 🙂


  26. Steph

    French. Localized themes would be really great (translations for WP2.0 already exist, shouldn’t be a lot of work for the translation team to adapt them to WP.com).

    Being able to set the language on a per-post basis would be great for all us multilingual people.


  27. office

    Very nice, maybe there will be some new options for other languages than English. If the interface will be available in some other languages too this will be absolutely great 🙂


  28. heric

    Une très bonne chose. Peut-être une sélection de blogs (blogues en bon français) dans la langue de l’utilisateur.


  29. locker

    I can only find language for simplified Chinese but my language is traditional Chinese.


  30. hyperreality

    It’s great to find that Farsi (= Persian) was added to the list of languages! Thanks! 🙂


  31. barracudda

    I can help with Russian language too.


  32. pawel

    Bardzo się cieszę, że WordPress myśli poważnie o użytkownikach, którzy chcą pisać w językach innych niż anglielski. Oby tak dalej!


  33. dayaputih

    Thanks for wordpress.com

    Multi-lingual blogs obviously need a per-post language setting.
    My requirements are the following : define a set of languages most often used by readers, and provide dynamic/automatic translation from the post language to the target reader’s language (e.g. with babelfish).
    Moreover, I would like my co-bloggers and/or readers to suggest translations for existing pages/posts, which would (somehow) appear in the admin interface pages and be processed by a translate-edit-validate-post workflow managed by the admin (me) to replace the previous automatic translation by a more serious man-made translation.

    I hope you look into this. Keep up the good work.


  34. txano

    Agradezco la posibilidad que me concede WordPress.com para expresarme en español; no sólo porque el español es mi lengua materna, sino poque me facilitará la comunicación con millones de personas con las que comparto lengua y cultura, y con las que de otro modo no tendría dificultades para entenderme.

    Muchas gracias.


  35. semih

    Where is turkish 😦


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  37. shinanos

    Japanese/English and more!!!!!


  38. claireb

    Just wondering where Pilipino/Tagalog fits into all this. Usually I use both English and Tagalog for postings, and a dash of the regional dialect, Hiligaynon, here and there. But then people who do read my blog would have to be pure-bred Filipinos. Foreigners won’t understand some of the posts.


  39. organicity

    Organic Thailand…too…


  40. Ali Sattari

    Persian (Farsi) 😀


  41. robo

    Hi every body,
    why you don’t ask public help to participate in thmes designing in our languages?
    we can help to deisgn themes for Persian, Yeah!


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  43. ASh

    I’m eagerly waiting to see Farsi (Persian) in the list of UI languages.


  44. elsje

    My language is Dutch. Spoken in The Netherlands and the “Flemish” part of Belgium. Small countries, a tiny language. Moste young people speak a mouthfull of English.In Belgium is French the second language, spoken in “Wallonnië”.

    In Belgium blogging is very popular, also for older people who are really interested in all about the internet. a young man started up a site for “senioren” that’s really extremely succesfull.

    Dutch information and translatations are really important for older people and people with lower education, so although we are a small group, the need for Dutch translations is high!

    With thanks and keep up the good work!


  45. بهمن

    Hi Matt,
    I really accept robo comment!

    why you don’t ask public help to participate in theme designing in our languages?!
    we can help to design themes for Persian, Yeah!


  46. zafererginli

    my language is turkish.


  47. Josef K.

    Norwegian would be useful.


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