Speed up your site with AMP.

Use Google AMP integration to boost your mobile pages.

Don’t lose to loads

Google research shows that 53 percent of people will leave a site that fails to load in three seconds or less. With Google AMP (accelerated mobile pages) integration, you can ensure your site loads quickly, and your users stick around.

Instant gratification
Behind the scenes, AMP simplifies your website’s code to prioritize content and get users to what they want to see quickly.
Mobile ready
Just over half of all web traffic globally comes from mobile devices. AMP was built for that ever-growing audience who want faster results on the go.
Increased conversion
Faster load times mean more page views, and more page views can result in more sales, ad views, product purchases, repeat visits, and more.
Easy integration
Just turn it on. With AMP active, all posts will have AMP-compatible versions available automatically. Optimization doesn’t get easier than that.

WordPress and Google. Better together.

Streamline your website and improve your mobile user experience when you add Google AMP to your WordPress site.

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