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Mother and Son Produce a Son / Grandson Combo Pack

By Peker O’ Tool ©

The following news report first appeared on October 11, 2007, in the African Press International (API), and has hit the web again and again. 359 more words


Fish Eagle at Mshelele Dam...

Fish eagles sit for hours on the rocks watching the water. They launch themselves off the rocks and hook huge fish straight out of the water with their claws. 130 more words


The Importance of September 1st

Why is September 1st such an important day for Eritrea? It represents the day that the Eritrean independence movement transitioned from non-violence and protest, to active, armed resistance – going against all odds and logic. 328 more words


What's in a name

My name is Tendai. It’s a name about gratitude and thanksgiving.

Like many people I also have many nick names. My family, friends address me in various ways. 464 more words


We Need New Names: How They Left

I recently read a book called “We Need New Names” by NoViolet Bulawayo – a book about a young girl, Darling, growing up in a shanty called Paradise in Zimbabwe and about the things she gets up to with her friends before she is sent to Michigan, America to live with her Aunty. 503 more words