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Динамика социальной активности явных королев и сокрытых до времени принцесс не имеет ярко выраженной политической окраски несмотря на всю их голографическую сущность.

Day 14 - A song that reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend

If I wasn’t already feeling like my love life is a failure I definitely am after this challenge haha! In all seriousness I’m not someone who needs to be in a relationship all the time and I actually think never having had a boyfriend has helped me to be more independent and look after myself. 53 more words


alone in paris

from Google images

The boy is young; too young to be alone on the streets of Paris. He wears ragged jeans rolled up to his knees and a dirty white undershirt. 444 more words


A Toast to Turning 21

“Are you gonna drink when you turn 21?” is a question people often ask me when they find out I don’t drink. To be completely honest, I don’t really have an answer. 268 more words


Video Of Katy Perry's FIRST Tour At 17Yrs Old

At 17 yrs old Katy Perry “hit the road” for the first time…and thanks to the powers of the internet, we have video of it! 165 more words


McIntosh Family

This family was just so fun and amazing to photograph. I was able to play with a few different ideas and they happily went along. In the end it was hard to drag myself away on a relaxing Saturday morning, and they kept trying to feed me, but taking the time was worth it as I ended up with some images which are now some of my very favourites! 234 more words

Family & Child

All The Things They Never Told Me: Introduction

Well, I’m starting a series here on the blog, and it’s mostly because I would love to write this book – but I can’t at this present time. 176 more words