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A Little Introduction..

             Awhile back, I was at my in laws house, and they suggest that I write a blog. For awhile we spit balled ideas about what I should write, but honestly I didn’t really take it seriously. 422 more words


Down Town

Down town the girls gather
Butterflies freed
From yesterday’s cocoons
And you’d think it might matter
Emotional greed
But everyone grows far too soon

Down town the boys linger… 68 more words


A Marriage We’d All Waited for, for Fifteen Years, a Story on Marriage

So, this, must be a hard-to-come-by marriage, which means that the bride and the groom will treasure it even more, perhaps???  Translated…

She, is the leading lady of today’s program, every time on exams, she’d always scored at the very top in her middle school class, and, the male lead, who’d displeased because he’d always come in behind her, decided to marry her in the future.  398 more words


Lloyd Dobbler - The Boyfriend Every Girl Wants (And Needs)


Let’s be honest, when it comes to classic 80s films, the writers seemed to know a lot about love.


Among those ‘Classic’ films, is 1989’s ‘Say Anything’, directed by Cameron Crowe and starring the beautiful Ione Skye as Diane and delightfully charming John Cusack as Lloyd. 821 more words

I Couldn't Hide

I saw you staring across the quad,
There was something in your eyes,
I wanted to run and hide,
Your soul burning in mine,
And my heart ached, 267 more words