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Meaningless Chime

The more I push you away 

The more meaningless is my chime 

Please come back 

And be mine. 


I Love You

Three words that are rarely spoken, but often wait on the tips of our brains
Yearning to leap down into our mouths and out into their ears… 208 more words



by: Yumi-Chan




-Kim Taehyung

-Jung Yong Hee (OC) 439 more words



When looking up the word loss there’s an abundance of definitions, but for some reason I feel none of the definitions suit my feelings of loss. 510 more words

Yesterday Morning

I’m putting stuff in the dishwasher when you come up behind me. I’m bending over, I guess, and in the shorts I sleep in because I just woke up. 99 more words


I just stalked the shit outta someone

And now he is coming to do it to me. Which means he is most certainly going to stumble upon this blog of mind. So when you do darlin’, know that what I write is my life, and what is my life is how I am. 77 more words


What Constitutes Your Foundation

Do you want to get stronger, slimmer, more peaceful, more educated, develop better relationships, get more financially responsible, etc? We are all continuously evolving and growing into the person we want to become but don’t always know how to make the big leap. 1,269 more words