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City Mouse or Country Mouse?

Carolyn and I live in a small town in Indiana. It often feels like a plate of white beans: bland and unexciting. This weekend, however, finds us in the New York City area, and Indiana is beginning to have a certain attraction. 497 more words


Un-complication of life


Here’s a favourite little snap of mine I put together from a recent trip to Bali, these waters are from our day trip to Uluwatu and how heavenly it was // 367 more words


太極 Taiji


前天上了一堂太極課,兩個半小時的學習讓我身心都有收獲;自從藝術史的課程結束後我就連一個星期給自己的兩個小時都奉獻了,所以很難得可以有‘上課’和‘學習’的機會。一般沒在運動的我以為被操了幾個小時隔天會全身痠痛,Thanks God一切還好。





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The Tài Jí Tú (Yin Yang Symbol): History and Fallacy

Few elements of Chinese culture have captured the minds of Westerners like the Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate (tài jí tú 太極圖), aka the yìn-yáng (蔭陽) symbol. 1,979 more words

Classical Chinese Theory

Batman of Literature

Sometimes I feel like the Batman of Literature, or in other words, a crazy person. I am plagued by a consciousness like a dismayed yin & yang, doing my best to keep from growing grey. 319 more words


Edgy Yin Yang

this is a my version of a edgy Yin yang look that stands out but is subtle at the same time

Alice Olivia collared shirt… 61 more words



A state of mind. A way of life.

Even though I’m getting adjusted to my post-grad life, I can’t help but sometimes feel like I’m faltering in certain parts of my life. 78 more words