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An Announcement

Thank you very much for reading these posts. It has been a rewarding, challenging and enjoyable experience. What a time to be in Scotland!! It’s an energising time. 227 more words

Say, ‘Yes!’ and Prove it!

Are you the type of person who easily get influenced by negative advices? Follow this short self confidence lesson…

When Henry Ward Beecher was a young boy in school, he learned a lesson in self confidence which he never forgot. 244 more words

Moral Reads

just don't do it

Happy post Labor Day!  Nike says, “Just do it” and I like to think of this tagline when it comes to obeying Jesus, “just do it!” and say, “YES!!!” 52 more words


Top 5: Rock/Metal band names

It seems such a ridiculous thing, that nobody really pays attention. However, choosing a band’s name is quite important. Some people claim that the name must be simple, but sometimes it’s more important that it sounds good than that it is simple. 579 more words

Time to take in some jazz?

Just published, a couple of pieces by me on jazz for beginners for LG/Stuff’s How To Live It

One of my more recent ‘hats’ has been writing about audio equipment for… 52 more words