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Subjective, Thoroughly Inadecute Review of the Summer of 2014

As we’ve attempted to detail in our conversations throughout the summer, it’s been a weird year for summer movies. It’s been a summer of depth and quality. 1,454 more words

Nick Cage Review

7 Topics I'd Rather Discuss than the Weather

With a new school year comes endless small talk. What’s your major? What kind of music do you listen to? What’s your favorite ___? Nobody cares, the conversation sucks, and how do you even answer that damn music question?! 156 more words


Best of Summer 2014 movies

Mackenzie HurlbertManaging Editor 

I’m not ashamed to admit that I spent a good majority of my sunny afternoons in a movie theater this summer. 715 more words

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Timeline of Greys

This is just part one of the Jean Grey outfits over the years.

The Monday Morning Quarter-Bin: Monday Morning Master Mold (Pt 1)

For some reason, I’ve always been a fan of the Sentinel overlord, Master Mold. Maybe it’s because he looks like a cross between Galactus and a Sentinel, or maybe it’s because he’s a walking factory that somehow produces raw materials to make Sentinels within his person, but the bigger, more menacing look of the monolithic Master Mold has always made me take pause and go, “Cool.” That being said, his first appearance is wrapped up with early Sentinel tales and in the early days of the silver age X-Men, so that’s out of my price range for the time being. 488 more words


Why I Love Superheroes

Very few things invoke serious emotional responses in people – superheroes are one of those things.

For me, they have always been an obsession of mine. 436 more words


X-Men and the Micronauts #4 (1984, April)

And now we finish off this mini, by Claremont, Mantlo and Guice, with “Doppelganger!”

We start with yet another really, really, really creepy scene. Dani – in short shorts and a tied-up shirt, so right off she’s a bit uncomfortably sexualized for a teenager (I don’t think her age has ever been given, but it’s not likely to be older than 16) – is sleeping at her desk, when Evil Xavier comes in and subjects her to intense psychic pleasure. 735 more words