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The end of the cupcake era

So, yeah. I suck at keeping up with writing about dates, so I’m catching up today. Not that I have a whole lot to update everyone on. 510 more words

Week 6 - the one where absolutely nothing happened

Yeah. My week has been boring as fuck.

I’ve been ignoring that guy for a week now. It’s been wonderful, really. Never felt better.

I heard my best friend’s choir sing. 44 more words

Death Grips sell their soul for adidas commercial

Whereas Nike and Under Armour are doing battle over Kevin Durant, adidas has focused its recent efforts on endorsement deals with high-profile musicians such as… 68 more words


Married Porn Star Sues BangBros Citing Florida's Antiquated Law Against Adultery

It begins normally enough. A busty brunette named Isabella walks into an all-white office room. A sleazy dude with hand tattoos says, "So what brings …



Ferrari Sues Deadmau5 over his 'Purrari' 458

Many might not know who Joel Thomas Zimmerman is, the truth being that this person is better known by his stage name deadmau5 (pronounced as … 6 more words