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That's a Negative, Ghost Rider


Toyota, let’s talk after you fire your ad agency. This is just stupid.




Feeling Right Doing Wrong

There are many things that need to be bought in bulk or in large quantities: toilet paper, frozen meat, diapers, etc.  However, there is one specific product that should be sinful to be made in this manner.   86 more words


Why You MIGHT be doing Labor Day wrong!

Labor day rocks because its truly your day!! We seem to forget ourselves during this weekend. Don t understand well, listen up Labor Day Special 50% off Email Marketing Mojo! 115 more words

The Changing Face of Temporary Employment - NYTimes.com


Temps are disproportionately thrown out of work when there is a slowdown, but when the economy starts to pick up — with businesses still wary of committing to making permanent hires — they disproportionately hire temps.

Thanks. God bless.


Economic Justice

Being Harsh When Enjoining The Good And Forbidding The Evil

Some young people use harsh and cruel methods when trying to guide people, debate with them and call them to give up what is contrary to Sharia. 302 more words

Brothers Base