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Friday Sinema: Hot Time Tonight

You never know what goes on in a firehouse when no one is looking…

Enjoy your Friday and have an awesome weekend!

Writing Life

Writing space

Joe’s Post #109 — I’m in the process of moving and have the opportunity to set-up a new writing space. In the next few hours, I’ll be dismantling my desk, packing up my computer and filing my files. 352 more words

Writing Life

Two weeks and I'll be signing the contract

As I might have mentioned before, I’m out of work and my mum’s house has been sold. The last couple of months have been a little stressful, and consequently my mental health has been a little unstable. 318 more words

Other Writing

New Things

I am sitting at my desk. It is in front of a large picture window in my back living room. George Winston Radio is playing on Pandora behind me. 922 more words


Longing for Balance, Post-launch

On Monday, our newest Emu Tamara Ellis Smith wrote a beautiful post about the longing that accompanies the journey toward publication. It’s a feeling that many, many writers aspiring to become published know, and one that I knew well for many years. 392 more words

Book Promotion

Writing for the Web Without the Web

Has your Internet ever gone out? Yes, of course, at one time or another. Does your Internet go out between 10AM-6PM Monday through Friday? That is what I have been battling with my service with CenturyLink for the past four weeks. 571 more words


Thursday Thoughts: Universal Perspective Part 2

Last week, I had two quotes from the Universe about putting things into perspective and how sometimes, one needed to change their perception. Yeah, the Universe is still talking about it, but this time, it’s all about finding what works best. 237 more words

Writing Life