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5 Ways to Keep Writing During School

Ugh. School. A word that fills many youngsters with regret (I like education, but not the people). Especially writers. Suddenly, your entire writing day has been cut to an hour (and that’s if you’re lucky). 666 more words

Writing Advice

Writing Dialogue, "Part 2!"

And let’s kick off with a little recap: In Writing Dialogue Part One, I talked about what we use dialogue for. The three things that your dialogue… 1,187 more words


Rules of Writing* (see footnote)

From the moment we decide to take this writing gig seriously and actually start studying the art and working on our skill set we start hearing about rules. 879 more words

Writing Advice

Universal Rule #1

Write. Just do it. Write every day. I don’t care how terrible you think you are. I don’t care how much you have to do. 60 more words

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Writing Books: Butt in the Chair

I am back to making steady words on the page.  I’ve found I frequently get caught up in all the little things of life — work, errands, bills and such — and I have trouble finding time to get words regularly on the page.   1,194 more words


Doing business on Twitter? Here are 5 average tips that might help, maybe.

I’ve been dabbling recently in trying to create new business through Twitter.

I’m on Twitter a lot, so it seemed like a good idea to use it for something productive rather than just to tell people about my dad’s latest Scrabble joke (in case you’re wondering: ‘I’ve got three “N”s – but they still haven’t laid any eggs!’). 720 more words