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After my writer's block.

Well, I am not really a “writer” of any sorts but  the past week was depressing as I just couldn’t get myself to write anything or do anything productive. 92 more words

Do not Disturb

The streets were deserted, cold and lonely. No one dared to make a noise at this hour, it was not permitted. The only disruptions to the silence of the desolate streets were the electoral flyers rustling in the soft breeze. 748 more words


Fighting Writers & Readers Block

It’s a Wednesday afternoon here in Southern California, and I am sitting on my patio, staring at my computer with nothing to write. Yep…. I got nothing. 1,041 more words

Books 101


Ok so I told myself that I was going to get out of this writing slump that I’ve been in.  I haven’t written in weeks!  Just so caught up in “life” I guess…or whatever in the hell that means.  627 more words


No words

Creaking trees
residue poorly sap
on fledging blades
of luminescent grass
they slowly bend
in gentle pain
crying my name



Writer’s block- frustration cultivated. The absence of inspiration, passion, and creativity. “This too shall pass.”
Hoping that is true.

Vitamin C

I'm Baaaaack!

First of all, YES, I am aware it’s been a month since I have posted. Possibly more? I haven’t checked the date and really don’t plan to do so, but for you, my dear readers, 382 more words