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4 ways to write your way out of writer’s block, fast

Having writer’s block and a looming deadline can zap your creative juices faster than a cat can claw you for rubbing its belly.

There’s always… 663 more words


Lost in a Daydream: Sigmund Freud, Jon Kabot-Zinn, and The Lovin' Spoonful

What a day for a daydream…..  or is it? If chronic daydreaming is a barrier for you with regards to writing, what can you do? Sigmund would recommend  several years of psychoanalytic exploration of your unconscious impulses and dream imagery, but do you have the time and money for that? 198 more words

Tips For Overcoming Writer's Block And Procrastination

Fighting the monster...again... (Help!)

And so it returns…the dreadful writer’s block. It’s like I can’t win – but no matter! I will push forward because I have to. After all, I’ve made a commitment to writing… 320 more words



“There’s no such thing as writer’s block. That was invented by people in California who couldn’t write.” – Terry Pratchett

Back to school for the kids. 190 more words


Response to: article by Mike Rose

“Rigid Rules, Inflexible Plans, and the Stifling of Language: A Cognitivist Analysis of Writer’s Block” -Mike Rose

It was interesting that the article began with the results of how half of the students in this study were experiencing writer’s block. 397 more words


9 ways to use procrastination to your advantage

I love to write, but sometimes, sadly, I love to procrastinate more. I’m sure all writers will nod knowingly when I admit I’ve occasionally spent three hours doing nothing of significance, followed by half an hour furiously bashing away at the keyboard when inspiration did finally come my way. 780 more words

Three More Ways To Be Creative Before The Apocalypse

Although this is an expansion to an article that I wrote last year, I was in a similar stressed-out mood when I wrote this article a few weeks ago as I was when I wrote last year’s article. 746 more words