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Moving up. Moving out. Moving on.

Life changes all the time. We can change with it—or get stuck.

In our real worlds, getting stuck can be messy, frustrating, depressing. In our fictional worlds, getting stuck is awesome. 307 more words


So many ideas

but not the words to write them.


How To Clear Writer's Block: Draino for Writers

Writer’s block is self explained so there’s really no need to delve into definitions but definition is the key to your solution.

When dealing with a “block”, your first course of action should be to identify the source, the reason for the block. 344 more words


A poem that makes no sense



I was rummaging through my old papers and I discovered a poem that I had written when I was about fourteen. I used to write “poetry” all the time, but even then I had my dry spells and had nothing to write about. 139 more words

Can a Writer Get Laryngitis?

When you first dabble in writing, no, when you start to get serious about writing, there are questions. What should I write? What am I meant to write? 462 more words


Blocked and Fatigued: Mentor Required.

The things that happen in this country politically are what I most often want to write about in my column for Cool Perth Nights. I can do music, reviews, art, lifestyle, whatever, but I am most passionate about social issues, as they are affected by the political sphere… so I read and read and read and take notes and think and think and think, and I write, but more often than not I am at the mercy of my emotions regarding these issues. 331 more words


Nothing to write

Nothing to write


Evening quiet, HB ready for something to write

But my heart carries no profound topic tonight.

These clumsy phrases, awkward rhythms, lazy rhymes… 191 more words

Dee Jones