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I’m Telling You Now

If I had one day to live, I would tell everyone they need Jesus. And since I don’t know if today will be my last, I’m telling you that you need Jesus. 1,502 more words

Spiritual Formation

Kiss. Don't tell.

Cinderella always held special meaning for her.

Not that she sat on the kitchen hearth – or wore rags.

No, there was always polite kindness. The sort given to those not true sisters. 398 more words


Flying Low

I think faith means no matter what, we have to do the Geronimo! jump. Faith goes against common sense. People say having common sense is important. 930 more words

Spiritual Formation

Finding the skewed: digital image forensics

Image tampering has been around since the advent of the photographic process. In the 150 years commencing with the invention of conventional photography by Henry Fox Talbot and Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre, and before digital photography was introduced, photographers were staging images (Loch Ness monster, Cottington fairies) and/or creating seemingly real but actually false photoART (Stalin’s ‘erasures’, Abraham Lincoln / John C. 973 more words


Blind Date

I’ve been told to wait for him inside the metro station, the one off the city’s flea market, across from the Old Mosque and the ruins of Hadrian’s Library. 2,216 more words


There's a Light Burning in the Fireplace*

If you’ve ever been on a road trip, you may know this feeling. You’ve been driving for a while, and decide to stop somewhere for the night and start looking for a place to stay. 1,284 more words

Agatha Christie

Dust - Part 3

We’ve all faced times in our lives where what one anticipated or expected was not what one found. We’ve all had those moments thinking everything is okay only to find that it is anything but. 1,067 more words