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There's a Light Burning in the Fireplace*

If you’ve ever been on a road trip, you may know this feeling. You’ve been driving for a while, and decide to stop somewhere for the night and start looking for a place to stay. 1,284 more words

Agatha Christie

Dust - Part 3

We’ve all faced times in our lives where what one anticipated or expected was not what one found. We’ve all had those moments thinking everything is okay only to find that it is anything but. 1,067 more words


Fierce Hummingbird - 01Aug2014

Late in the evening, when hummers are wanting to top off before retiring, this guy was playing guard on all seven feeders in back. 

You can see the result of one encounter with what it considered trespassers on more sugared water than it could drink in a month.  638 more words


Summer wraps up wide bodies

Wide bodies. Prairies and beaches have that in common.

Giddy sunny days too encouraging of free spirits and freewheeling.

Big uncovered and discovered.

By August roasted tourist stuff themselves back into their cars, then, disappear on down the roads as the clouds roll in to erase any trace of their visits. 477 more words


It's a Light and Tumble Journey*

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit animal preserves and sanctuaries on three different continents. They can be breathtakingly beautiful places, and certainly give one a perspective on a lot of things. 1,288 more words


Disabled parenting is really hard

   I’m having a really difficult time with my youngest son, JJ (formerly Boonshka).  He just turned three and he is becoming more temperamental and unpredictable.  I’m super reluctant to really try to be an enforcing parent because I am simply afraid. 1,403 more words


When Seeking True Love

To become romantically involved with another person–to go through the highs of being attracted to someone and spending time with them, but then again the lows of relationships not quite working out or otherwise ending–is among the very core of human experience. 4,845 more words