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WPC: Fray

Fraying landscape. Photo is taken last Fall from Levi, Lapland. Link back to Daily Post’s WPC (where you can find so many great photos).

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... of the Fray

To fray is to unravel or become worn at the edge, typically through constant rubbing. It is to wear thin and show the effects of stregn. 98 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

The ancestral trees hover
over most of the surface of
Alisal Road. The frayed branches
are long and tortuous yet they
provide a shady, beautiful… 21 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

Surprisingly enough this seriously frayed horse carriage was lying in the middle of a Swiss village. I came across it during my trek through the Valais… 30 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge - Fray

This idea sprung up in my head and it would not go away. I wanted to showcase more of my everyday photos and what a better way than with a good… 10 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge - Fray

A life that has frayed.

*****Just a warning: this image contains a bit of nudity. There are no bits and pieces showing, but you can tell the subject is nude.****** 284 more words