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Article: 10 Reasons Zombies don't Make Sense

Whether you call them walkers, creepers or deadies, zombies have infiltrated all forms of media with a fumbling vengeance. Some movies are good; some shows are better, but everywhere you look you see them.

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Guess What?

Guess what I just found out about myself…Every time I sit down to watch World War Z, that same night I dream about zombies.

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Contagion vs World War Z - the battle of two dull pandemic movies

Spurred on by the mention of it in a podcast I listened to the other day I decided to check out Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion. In turn, watching Contagion inspired me to hunt down similarly themed viral outbreak films and I came across a little know oddity called World War Z. 883 more words

Second Thoughts


Steve McQueen and Matthew Carnahan have joined forces and wrote a script about “a young African Americans man’s experience in NYC. While entering the high society, with a past that would not please many. 51 more words


Fan Girl Friday Vol 3: Shopkick, Roku & World War Z

In this volume of Fan Girl Friday I have three things I want to share with you!!

First up is my favorite app for my phone! 445 more words

Fan Girl Friday

World War Z

Mankind is facing immanent destruction from a virus that reanimates the dead and only one man can save us…Brad Pitt. 1,648 more words

Movie Review



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