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Goodbye, old friend

To celebrate the completion of my MFA, I spent the past month on a wonderful mindless World of Warcraft binge—er, um—bliss!

Truth be told, I should have used that time to look for a job… ya know…something productive! 411 more words

Adding to My Alt Army

When I’m trying to choose my next alt on World of Warcraft I do a lot of research on that particular class; and I mean… 354 more words


Hunter Problems: Arcturis the Spirit Bear

As a lvl 90 Hunter I’ve picked up spirit beasts along the way over time, however, Arcturis still eludes me.  Not for lack of trying or camping but more for the number of hunters, at lvl and up, who are still camping him for the tame.   75 more words

#Hunter Problems

What Are You Excited About in Warlords of Draenor?

With the expansion a little over two months away, I’ll admit that I haven’t been caught up in excitement or hype yet.  I’ve played the beta a bit.   272 more words


Gameplay Premises Part 5 - RPG Staples

Wizards’ Duel draws heavily from the RPG genre, but I want to keep the design tightly focused on the main mechanics and thus eschew or reduce several aspects that today are more or less a given for… 527 more words