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Nessna's Log

A lot has been going on.

The biggest news is we’ve had the wedding, and we’re now on our trip, which is giving me a little bit of spare time to write in my log.   735 more words

World Of Warcraft

Women in Games

Matt Lees makes some really great observations about the way women are being treated in the gaming industry in this video.

The way that Anita Sarkeesian has been treated is absolutely intolerable and dreadful, and unfortunately, not uncommon. 147 more words


The artisans at Windlass worked closely with the creative team at Blizzard Entertainment to bring this amazing piece to life.

Whosoever takes up this blade shall wield power eternal. 259 more words

Sounds about right.

I wish I could arrive at this long overdue post rife with stories of being swept off my feet by the guy I’ve been waiting for.   878 more words

General Update

Slammed in Nagrand

After finishing Terokkar Forest last week I was feeling a bit optimistic about the next zone on my Loremater project checklist.  I was headed to Nagrand. 1,432 more words


Debate Club: Tablets Just Aren't Practical To Use As Gaming Peripherals

I generally am of the mindset that playing a game should be as simple and streamlined of an experience as possible. That isn’t to say that games themselves should be super simplistic, but the actual playing of a game should be mostly effortless. 995 more words

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