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I’m not even sure where to start to be honest. There is a thousand things running thru my mind right now. Maybe it is just one of those nights that I am thinking way too much. 397 more words

About Me

untethered... special news for a special day

I wrote this yesterday… for my dad.  Today would have been my dad’s seventy-fifth birthday, and I saved a little something to honor this milestone. I chose today to be the day I would tell you a little bit about my book, … 636 more words

A Spicy Life

Everyone says variety is the spice of life. If you’re too focused on just one thing, you can miss out on all the rest.

August has been a rough month for me because I’ve been working overtime. 322 more words


The 5 Ways Dads Quit

This blog is where I write my story of trying to be a better father. Sometimes I tell jokes and use hyperbole to get my ideas and feelings about parenting across. 911 more words


via Inc Magazine: The 7 Signs of Workaholism

Article published by Inc. Magazine. Written by Jessica Stillman. Reinterpreted by Angela Hydes.

We live in a world dominated by quick, time sensitive deliverables. Many of us that are high achievers possess the irresistible urge to have just one more look at that document, to see how we can make it better. 406 more words


High Performers vs. Workaholics: 7 Subtle Differences

I loved this post from Jullien Gordon so I’m re-posting it. All credit to him, all very true. 

I’m a recovering workaholic.

Over the past year, I’ve been reading, researching, and conducting experiments on myself to understand the difference between high performers and workaholics. 913 more words


Weekend Update 8/24/14: Becoming a Pincushion, Spruce Street Park, Working All Day

Becoming a Pincushion

On Saturday morning, I had my first appointment with an acupuncturist. I liked him a lot – he had a very peaceful vibe about him (makes sense in his line of work). 507 more words