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Four Jobs


Recently making headlines is Maria Fernandes who worked four different jobs at different locations of Dunkin’ Donuts. She died while taking a nap in her car. 975 more words


The best of friends

“Reading time!” my granny said

My eight year old self groaned inwardly as I sat down to read that week’s book. I hated reading with all of me. 360 more words


And the beat goes on..........

And yet another year rolls by with all the usual and unusual challenges.  Still fully employed, which is a bonus given the world today.  I’m considered a senior in my customer service team having been in the position fifteen months now and still loving it.  174 more words


[Intern] Week 11


This week we were still working on the California coast video, Sean started to put everything together, while I continued roto-brushing animal footages. I also went to Hybrid lab this week to borrow a kinect to do some testing. 53 more words


Diary: End of Winter Reflection

Today was a glorious 21 degrees celsius here in Sydney and the sky was blue after five days of rain day and night. It is also the last day of winter for us in the southern hemisphere and all of us are gearing up and excited for the approach of Spring and Summer. 208 more words

The Diary Entries

Art Work

In this post I would like to just share some of my artwork. So below are some pictures of it:

I'm off on a (work) adventure

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you know that i’m going to be travelling for work for the next week, so my posts might be a little less frequent than normal.   18 more words