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Come Fire, Come Water, Come Karma, We're all in Transition

As deadlines approach and progress is made, my latest project is all-consuming. I am somewhere between extremely stressed about how and when to finish between two jobs and extremely stoked on how much is done. 189 more words

Thoughts from Day 1

The first day of 90 includes several five minute writing exercises. This is an excerpt of what I worked on this morning. It doesn’t tell anything about the actual story, so there is no plot spoiler. 244 more words


(UPDATE) WIP: How far is your imagination


Second update:

I decided to overlapped the left part with a little girl  tried painting (the brush haven’t done yet) half of the picture with white (i need white as background because i want to make soft light gradient layer to create a child like, soft, but whimsical as a child’s imagination. 157 more words