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If you as a person only see the value of self and neglect that of others you erase hope stored on your Heart drive. Its not all about you!

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Does your wife understand you?

How many times have you heard a man say this:

“My wife doesn’t understand me”

It’s usually aired in a manner of despondency. Well, from my angle, I love my wife. 500 more words


Another Day, Another Dollar

After being signed off work for 2 beautiful weeks, tomorrow I have to go back. Dreading it is an understatement. 

I know you will most likely never get on with everyone you are going to work with, or agree with the way everything is done but fuck me, this takes it to a new level. 169 more words


Breeder thinks he's hot - but he's not

Breeder is back from a trip and he can’t stop talking about the “girl” he was “talking to” in a bar while he was there. He told me he had 3 beers and was drunk and started dropping his phone while he was talking to her. 82 more words


No Talent? So what? Too old? Never!

So often over the years I’ve met people who say they would love to take up music or art but they simply have no talent. 636 more words

Plan Of Action

UKIP if you want to.

Major news to excite the Westminster bubble today as Douglas Carswell, Conservative MP for Clacton in Essex, has defected to UKIP. In addition to resigning from the Conservative Party, he also announced he is resigning from Parliament and will thus trigger a by-election. 205 more words


I speak what I think sometimes, unfortunately for some people. Frank? Yeah in a way. 

Today, my co-worker D and I were on our way to this client when we bumped into one of the caregivers that works as a private, M. 368 more words