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Work Life Balance is Made Up

I have a feeling the term “work life balance” is a made up lie.

The term, mind you.

Not because I can’t seem to find that elusive “work life balance” and am angry about it (and am envious of all the people out there who “have it together”). 277 more words

Clear Head And Full Heart

Pay Day and Feeling Rough...

 & On Wednesday, throat started to feel scratchy and tight.  I swallowed a couple of spoonfuls of my trusty but equally gruesome cod liver oil.  It works I tell ya.  502 more words


Daily Reflections

And hello world we are live :-)

Just kidding, thought since I have a tendency to forget the good things, and it’s been a fairly good week on most fronts, would write a recap for later reference. 326 more words


Infographic: 13 annoying office personality types

I’m sure that most of us know that there are plenty of work personalities and politics. Often you’re trying to watch out for the ‘backstabber’ or maybe looking to avoid the ‘chatterbox’.  36 more words


If I spoke to people about their careers, the way they speak to me about mine... - The Librarian

You’re an engineer? I hate trains.

You went to school to be a lawyer? Seriously? Why do you need a degree for that?

You’re an architect? 148 more words


Relationship Notes: The Value Of Other

If you as a person only see the value of self and neglect that of others you erase hope stored on your Heart drive. Its not all about you!

58 more words