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Just-Seriously-This Has Gotta Stop! - AKA What Has the Universe Got Against Me?

Ok, just seriously here. For those of you who have not been following my blog, quick and dirty recap. I have a minor relationship snafu at the moment. 184 more words


Everything I know about interviewing I learned from dating

I am currently in the process of interviewing for a new job. Over the years, I have become somewhat of a job-searching expert. In fact, it has been my full-time job for longer than many of my actual jobs! 1,006 more words



Just a quick post tonight because I haven’t posted in forever and need to get back into it! A little bit of an update on me: I just started my sophomore year of college (I’m majoring in apparel merchandising at CMU), I turned 19 yesterday, and I also have an apartment this year (so exciting!). 175 more words

American Eagle

in which dave comes to visit, part III

Here’s how the rest of Dave’s DC sojourn went:

Went for a run around the neighborhood and then to work with Jason. Came home by way of the mall. 172 more words


#1677 fastening my attention

I stare at the bookshelf across from my desk.  It remains empty; the color swatches taped to the wall.  I have not returned the books and folders to its shelves until the wall behind it is painted a new hue.  809 more words


Relationship Notes - Faulty Opinions and Contortion

There you are trying to fit in comfortably when you really should be standing out for being amazing but constantly you regard that persons often unfounded even unprovoked negative opinion of you so highly you end up contorting and conforming to becoming their ideal package when you are far much more vibrant and colourful than their thoughts. 29 more words


Politicians on TV

On TV4 they are speaking about things I actually know a little about. I have worked with the stuff they are talking about and I have a lot of ideas in the matter. 702 more words