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The Little Things

      Throughout the vast existence that we like to call life, there are some things that are as constant as the sun rising every day that some people have an eye for. 266 more words

Word Vomit

What To Do, What To Do?

Before the next expansion hits, I’d imagine most people have a checklist of things they want to get done. Let’s have a look at what my plans are! 731 more words

World Of Warcraft

Confessional and Update

Good afternoon WordPress. It has been, well, a long while since I have last posted. I have come to confess my sins so that I may be absolved. 435 more words


A Degenerate's Manifesto: Chapter 2

I was encouraged to dig through my old files to find some inspirational half-starts and unpolished turds. The following is an excerpt from a novel I tried to write about six years ago. 2,916 more words

A Degenerate's Manifesto

An open letter to my father.

I received an email recently from my father. Dated Aug. 19 at 7:00 pm.  Here it is:

“I was wrong, just wanna let you know that I am here for everyone, I’m just like Grandma I will never let any of my kids go down that is a real parent to face obstacles and at the same time take care of the little ones who can’t take care of themselves, when you said I was having a pity party you got a lot 2 understand and you got a lot of growing up to do, one of these days you will get it, my love is endless for all you kids, I wish I was more like your mom and say f*** it and walk away and squash everything that I have brought up in this life I envy her for her strength, yes I am weak, but I can’t do that, can’t wait to faze out & answer’s still the same I am strong I don’t need no one like it or not, I will save everyone I can & lash out to the people that want to watch-sory-u will miss me when I’m gone then u will walk in my steps” 864 more words


Cold Comfort, Part 2

Reader, I wrote a while ago about the struggles I’ve had with comforting my loved ones, and how I wanted to commit myself to making a conscious effort to offer real comfort despite how it may emotionally drain me. 259 more words


Pardon my inability to keep my mouth shut but… tanggal 29 kenapa lama bangettt :((

Word Vomit!