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Not-So-Lonely Tree

Hitty’s Knittys, a happy group of needle-workers from around the world, recently paid tribute to the delightful Quimper Hittys by participating in Knit-A-Long featuring an original pattern by Sylvia Bo Bilvia of Softsweater Knits – The Lonely Tree. 105 more words


Fluffy Ruffles

I’m not sure how I got distracted and neglected to let Pharaby show off her new sleeve ruffles, but we shall make amends. Here they are! 246 more words


Tottie Tomato meets the Quimper Hittys

Tottie Tomato and I are enchanted by the magical blog: Quimper Hittys LINK

When we went on holidays at the end of July, Tottie Tomato and I ( 268 more words

Noreen Crone-Findlay

The Fairy Door opens again

Tottie Tomato and Peggotty Caroline heard sounds coming from the Fairy Door down by the apple tree.

What’s that?

A hand!

A hand opening the Fairy Door? 146 more words

Noreen Crone-Findlay

Drum Roll for the Bum Roll

Yes, Pharaby insisted on having this article in her wardrobe, the euphoniously termed BUM ROLL. The “cork bum” was subject to ridicule at the time, but goodness knows ridicule and fashion have always been comfortable together. 618 more words


Dolls Around The World On The Move Again

35 days and counting. Dolls around the world, we’re on the move again. Here we visit Luxor, Kings Valley and Noble Valley and then, Giza and the Great Pyramids. 97 more words