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Searching, Seeking

Searching, seeking
Where I need to be
What will be be my destiny.

Answers come
From where I don’t know when
I didn’t know or need til then.
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2014



Do you ever feel like you aren’t real?
Like everything you do is something off a movie reel?
Like you don’t have any power over your decisions… 179 more words


Innocence & Insecurity

Innocence & Insecurity

Is it her innocence that hides her insecurity?
Does one meet the other with hesitation?
Perhaps, flirtation?
Does innocence shy away from a lingering stare? 22 more words


Spotify! Your Life

Do you have a music playlist? A real music playlist where all the songs you relate to are actually stored?

One of the things I have long wanted to do was to create my personal music playlist with the perfect categories that fit my lifestyle. 358 more words


Does anyone mind the auto-populated photos in my theme?

Was just wandering by my own blog and remembered I’ve been using the auto-populated header photos from the theme/that came with the theme.

I don’t have any say in which photo is in the background and when (not even sure where the “photo bank” is where they come from). 60 more words