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Women’s Head Covers Styles and Trends: 1960’s – 2000’s, Hats Back in Their Full Glory!

In the 1960’s Jackie Kennedy brought in the Pillbox Hat. This hat was a stiff/hard, short, small and round hat. Often this hat was decorated with either feathers, ribbon or gemstones. 238 more words

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Hat of the Week

The hat of the week is inspired by fashion from the 1920s. I’m currently creating a hat for a historical costume from the 1920s and wanted to try this shape, since both the crown(top) and brim are traditional 1920s shapes. 58 more words


Hat of the Week

Hello hat lovers!

I just finished this dramatic hat for a fashion show in Alliance this coming Sunday. The free-form brim makes a unique style statement. 26 more words


Vintage Hat Friday

Good morning!

Today’s vintage hat is all about summer. Such pretty, delicate roses and violets are perched on the wavy brim of this garden-inspired beauty. It does not have a designer label and it’s completely stitched by hand, including the grosgrain ribbon edge. 14 more words


Women's Head Covers Style and Trends: 1940's - War Time

Head Covering styles in War Times changed drastically from fancy, wide brimmed hats to smaller and small brimmed hats. Head covers changed from stylish and fashionable to more simple and practical. 197 more words

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PINK Baseball Hat Review


PRICE: Approximately $17.50 (Free Shipping)

I really am not much of a hat person, so I’ll admit that I was a bit hesitant to spend the money on one, but as soon as I came across this one on Ebay, I really liked the look of it. 44 more words


What We Keep

I don’t have a lot of painting time these days, and I miss it terribly. Took a day off last week and worked on this one. 37 more words